Playing Card Designs (Backs)

Hi Guys,

Me and a friend (who also is a member here) have been designing custom playing cards over the last 2months. We have a pretty nice back design and we thought it would be a very good idea to post a picture of it here too see what you guys think. Any suggestions and comments are very welcome. If you dislike it, it would be nice if you could state why. Thanks


Sep 1, 2007
ok i'm going to be honest
i think it is really really ugly
first off, the borders dont really suit the rest of the back design
and also the patterns near the border are really basic and dont look good, along with the circles. they just dont 'blend in'
and to me, this is a very very similar version of a regular bicycle card, just altered with circles and shapes etc..
Sep 2, 2007
Ok, they look like bikes.
Just modified a bit. If that is truly what 2momths thought gets you then..

But hey no worries. GOod on you for trying to explore.
I am also having a feeble bash at it.
ONe of these someon will come ip with a NEW design and then we wont need to just change the colours when we get bored of one design.

Oct 15, 2007
Okay, Even though these were made from complete scratch, I would like to know what exactly makes them look like Bikes? the two circles? that is ALL I can see the is even close to bikes... and if they look like bikes why do you dislike them so much?
Sep 2, 2007
I didn't mean to sound harsh dude!
But in asnwer to your question i thought (but hey some people may dissagree and that is cool) the outside edge looked like the outside edge of the bikes with the twirly vines. But anyways i don't dislike them becuase of that. It isn't my kind of style thats all.

Keep it up all the same. Creativity is key.
Aug 31, 2007
Put the image of those cards next to an image of a bicycle back and you will see just how similar they are.
Oct 9, 2007
All of the card looks like a bike deck I don't see how you can't see that.

The two circles in the center with the border around the two circles plus the wavey design around the edge. You just changed the colour and made the center plainer.

Plus it looks like your going towards designing ANOTHER black deck? Too many of these are available. Ask yourself this question, if I posted that design up and asked for feedback, would you rather purchase my design than any other of the custom decks out there? I willing to guess no.

Not having a go it's just the way I see it.
Sep 4, 2007
Sorry but personally those are really ugly. Looks like a design a gangster would wear on a shirt. Also, try to come up with something besides ghost based cards (that applies to everyone lol)........:D

The Dark Angel

forum moderator / t11
Sep 1, 2007
Denver, Colorado
My beef with them is this: They look really computer animated and not like actual cards (yes, I know that that is unavoidable, and there's nothing wrong with that, it just bugs me)
And two, I don't like the little spikes on the circles in the center, they just make it look out of place.
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