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    Hey guys!!!
    Please take a look at this video. I tried adding a story to my trick for the first time, and hope you like the video. I would like criticism on my performance and on the trick itself.

  2. First of all, please change the title of this thread. Please don't start thinking that we don't like you, that's definitely the wrong attitude.

    Now to the video:

    Well this was a pretty good performance and story. Just try to be a little smoother with the cards, and try not to stutter or stumble over some of your words, which can be a pretty hard thing to do when you're in front of a camera. You'll soon find out that everyone here likes live performance videos, so get out there and perform for real people and try to film it. At least you told a story and kept it interesting so for that, we thank you. :)

    Just a little side note, I know you're a beginner, but please try to stay away from mismag822. When I started magic, I watched his videos but here you have a helpful community who can point you in the right direction. So don't support a guy who reveals magic for a living. Support the creators and get them from the original source.
  3. ok thxs for the good advise. Also you think that I shouldnt watch mismag
  4. is there any way of changing the tittle of the post?
  5. 1st piece of advice, don't start off a thread with "I know you don't like me". In my opinion, that comes off as asking for attention. Its good that you are practicing adding patter to your tricks but your next step now would be to have your patter make sense. You started off with a story about gambling then started talking about santa claus and spelling out merry christmas. Its cool you are trying to keep in the holiday spirit but maybe a gambling story isn't the best story to add santa claus into (just my opinion). Also, once you start moving towards the unconventional dealing (spelling out merry xmas and splitting the entire deck and allowing cards to freely be chosen and add to the players hand) explain why you are dealing the cards that way instead of standard dealing methods. Your making improvement from your last post. Keep working at it.

    PS - before posting another video of a separate performance, you should post a video of the same effect but using the advice/feedback given so we can continue to tell u how your doing on that instead of trying to show off a new trick. Hope this helps.
  6. lol yes I agree the Santa Claus thing is out of place! I will make a new video, after a little bit. Thanks for the help!
  7. It's a nice trick and you perform it fairly well. The card handling should be a bit smoother, but that's come with practice. The only thing I would recommend other than really nailing down the handling is to make your patter sound more natural. You seem to be trying to think faster than you can speak, which makes the presentation seem odd, so take some time to maybe recite the story to yourself aloud a few times as you do the trick. I like the story though.
  8. Under your original post, click "Edit Post". That should take you to a new window, if it doesn't, just click "Go Advanced" around the same area. That will take you to a new page. There, click on the top, skinnier box and change the text. Then click save at the bottom. :)
  9.'s all done.
  10. I'd recommend he'd stay away from performing for people until he feels confident enough with both the routine and the patter. After that, though, he should go out and perform for people!
  11. No. Never. I repeat. NEVER. Watch misFag. He's ruining the art we love to perform. He reveals tricks, not only does he do them HORRIBLY but he teaches them even worse. Now, I understand you're looking at his videos because I was there once. Never went back. He's just awful!

    And also I felt bad for learning the trick and stealing from the creator...

    Take my advice, DO NOT watch misFag's videos.

  12. I can't disagree with your point, but giving him a homophobic, derogatory nickname doesn't lend credibility to your argument.
  13. Agreed. I admit I watched his videos right when I first started out because I didn't have money and I didn't want my parents knowing I was wanting to do magic tricks. Everytime I watched his videos I didn't get better at all; my card handling stayed the same (which sucked horribly) and I never put much practice into what I was taught (again it was taught horribly). Then, I realized that he was teaching someone else's material without permission and giving it other names to avoid being caught. So, I only entered his contests which didn't involve a tutorial for anything so I could get free cards, but all I did was continue to support him. So with that, I stopped all together around maybe 2 years ago. Save your time and get Card College Volume 1 by Roberto Giobbi or Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue. It will kick start your card magic! You will be AMAZED at how much better you will get after reading those books. They are relatively cheap too, so ask for these for Christmas!

    I noticed you haven't been doing magic for a long amount of time, so please save yourself from the mistakes I made and check those books out. Also, as a bonus, if you want to learn mathematical card tricks (which are virtually self working), you might want to check out Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery by Martin Gardner. Great material for also a very cheap price.

    Hope I've helped in some way; I really look forward to seeing your progress!
  14. R.I.P. Martin Gardner

    That SOB was a BEAST!
  15. I can understand you not liking mismag.....but what about Andyfieldmagic? He's good right?
  16. He is better but not good in my humble opinion. Mismag sucks up to him to get better tricks. At least that is what my Jawa says.
  17. andyfield has pro skillz. I like a lot of the tricks he performs :D
  18. May I ask why you don't like him?
  19. I agree...I think he's pretty good!

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