Please help! (Can't find an effect)

Hey guys, I stopped doing magic for 3 years but I recently got that spark back and started again... Before I stopped I remember there was a Wayne Houchin TV interview on youtube in which he performed an effect with 3 cards. He puts one card in the middle of the two other cards and shakes them and it turns over and at the end of the effect he does it again and the color of the back of the card changes. I think this effect is called Bizarre Twist and I'm pretty sure he taught it somewhere. I don't know if it was in a download or DVD or what but I can't find anything! Can someone please help me and inform me where I can learn this effect? I know how it works but I want to learn it the correct way. Thank you!
Mar 22, 2013
Munich / Germany
I think the effect was originally created by Paul Harris and I think you can find this
on his Art of Astonishments DVD series.

Another good place to learn this (and this is not as expensive), is The Double Take DVD
by Gregory Wilson.
The main topic of the DVD are Double Turnovers, but the Bizzare Twist is thought as a bonus trick.

Hope that helps!

- Konrad
Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
There have been a number of versions to this effect, I remember seeing it done decades ago, so there is a chance you'll be able to find the foundation from which these newer versions evolved from; something I always like finding.
Oct 5, 2012
Paul Harris Art of Astonishment Vol. 1 pgs. 101 & 103

Thank you Denis Behr for the archive

AOA are some of the most amazing books you can ever get your hands on.
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