Possibly created new sleight.

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Rise Above, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. I might have created a new card sleight, but I'm not sure. What should I do? Submit a video on the marketplace.
  2. No.
    The market place is for well polished, tried and tested moves, sleights, tricks, routines, or principals.
    You need to practice it, then perform with it, and see where and how it works. Then build on it. Only then should you release it.

    As for the move, it is possible (and probably likely) that you didn't invent it, but you rather re-invented a move that already exists. Check on Conjuring Archive.

    If you want to describe the move without doing it openly on the forums, PM me. If I don't know (and I probably wont if it is more advanced), there are a couple other people I would direct you to.
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  3. Thanks, I'll check out the archive.
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  4. I checked out the archive, found a name of a effect by Tom Mullica. The idea is the same as mine, but I don't have the book so I don't know if it uses the same method as mine.
  5. What is the move, what does it accomplish??
  6. What does it accomplish? What moves are similar? What is it based on?
  7. My move is a top to center reverse. It's fairly obvious how to do that in one move, but I haven't seen it before.
  8. if you know the move and the book but are not sure if it is the same method, then you should invest in purchasing the book and find out haha. As said above. You should not throw a move up on the marketplace after just inventing it. This will only make you look bad if you decide you want to start uploading regularly. Id suggest making sure the move is original first then use it a bunch to iron out the kinks. Then if you are still happy with it and think the community can benefit, THEN you may upload it :)

    Material in my marketplace is stuff i have been doing for years!
  9. Thanks so much for the tips. I failed to mention that I've been working on the move for six months(but still don't have it down).:)
  10. Keep at it my friend. 6 months is not anywhere near how long you should be considering releasing... maybe after a few years haha especially when you just said that you cannot even perform it properly yet. I applaud your efforts! just know these things come with time and experience.
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  11. Card magic is plenty of centuries old. I thought countless times that I "invented" a new move or effect, only to find that it has been created by our forefathers. Do plenty of research on it. Not only will you be giving credit (if any) to those who deserve it, you'll gain knowledge in the process.

    Remember, invent magic for the sake of progressing our art, not just so we can "submit a trick."
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  12. Hey Rise above i was just wondereing if you are interested in collaborating with me on a colour change, for us to put on the marketplace? I have 7 years magic experience, and if we can create a cool effect that would be awesome!
  13. Yeah sure.
  14. Alright I will add you to a conversation, which then we can talk about the color change

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