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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by medic91w, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. This is not a review of the cards just the trailer; that is the stupidest trailer for cards or any magic product I have seen in a long time. A helicopter lands and some guy starts manipulating cards when he gets out? Sorry, very lame in my book though I'm sure the cards will be good.
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    ummmmmm WHAT!!! I think in a few minutes you will find that the majority of everyone on these forums disagrees with you. I think the trailer was one of the best that T11 has produced in a long while. It's fantastic! I don't know how you could think otherwise. Just my opinion.

    EDIT: "that guy that gets out of the helicopter and starts flourishing" is ANDREI JIKH just fyi
  3. and by stupid you mean THE MOST EPIC THING OF ALL TIME!!!! haha. no i agree a little over the top for just cards, but you have to respect them. remember they spent all the money on the trailer so it could get people excited. definitely think it was cool.
  4. Trailer was cool. Cards are ugly. That's all I got to say.
  5. really? i think the cards look cool besides the fact that they look like something i could buy at a war museum.
  6. Agreed.

  7. Cards are awesome. Trailer is awesome. T11 is awesome. Need I say more.
  8. Pshh and you wished they showed Brad Christian saying " these cards fan like butta":rolleyes:
  9. ma the trailer was siiiiiiiiiiiiickkk you got to admit that man. for the cards mmmmmm not really sure! the design is a little to i dunno over the top. I am really into just cards that look classy and elegant (i.e smoke and mirrors) other that mmmmmm dangerous, lol ok I dunno another way to express how the props look dangerous is I could think of :p
  10. ahahahahahaha wow. that is all i have to say.
  11. I have my opinion of the deck, but I'm not saying what that is until I get the deck in the mail. ;) I'm not sure if my opinion will change for better or worse, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Either way though, that trailer in my opinion was awesome. Andrei and DM kick major (@*)%&@#$()*&%^&%&_#(@&%#!%^*@#&^T with cards. ;)


  12. lmfao! I thought it was all pretty cool... I do agree with someone who said that the back kinda looks like a turkey though lol. I need to put that out of my mind though if i'm gonna use'em... lol turkey, DAMN IT!
  13. Well, if you put it that way, any flourishing video can be said to be "lame". You could say:

    "Oh, a guy goes outside next to some great scenery and starts flourishing. How random!"
    "Oh, 4 guys randomly start to flourishing in front of a white background? LAME"
    "Oh, a yellow cheese monkey eats a banana? STUPID!"

    You get my point, I thought the trailer was pretty badass (and I'm not just trying to suck up to Theory11. It really was good). End o story.

    ...and yes, my last example was pretty random.

  14. ... Great, i'm gonna be dreamin of cheese covered monkeys all night... and flourishing turkeys... damn turkeys.
  15. check out the sig FatalAce. You should be honored. lol
  16. Clarification

    Let me clarify a bit more. As far as editing, filming, and card manipulation goes concerning this trailer, I think they were all top notch. It's the concept that is really really stupid. I was a medic in the Army and flew in a lot of helicopters. If I ever saw some pilot or passenger land and then start manipulating cards I would laugh my butt off at that ridiculous sight. Just because this concept is wrapped up in a trailer format doesn't mean it's not stupid. But hey, it's only my opinion. That's all just thought I would voice it. To me and my sensibilities, cards + military = cool does not compute.
  17. I'd rather have Wayen Houchin say that you can cut cheese with those cards.

    Either way, i think the trailers good and i cannot really give my opinion about the cards until i hold them.
  18. Well now I can see where you are coming from. ;) Well, yeah, if you think about it then of course it would probably be stupid and funny. However, most of us here weren't a part of the army. (My respects to you and everyone else who is/was.) To us, if we just see some awesome trailer with editing, music, and a new deck, then to us its gonna look awesome. I can see where you are coming from, but to everyone else, we don't think like that.:p

    Thanks for just killing my image of Andrei though. haha

  19. i thought the trailer was too over the top for cards too...
  20. By the way...

    Are those even military helicopters? All I ever saw or flew in were blackhawks and apachees. That would be very ironic and extra funny if these are just some non-military helicopters being the fact that the cards are military themed!
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