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  1. I am working on a school paper about my life. For the last part, I can do whatever I want. I am thinking of doing a psychological force. Maybe a simple one. Elephants in Denmark, the force of the 9 of diamonds among the five cards. I normally don't do this kind of thing. Should I? Or does this type of thing not work when read. If I you think it's a good idea, then which one should I use.'

  2. Firstly, Why?

    What's your reason for doing this?

    If the only purpose behind it is to screw with your teacher's mind, I wouldn't recommend it. If however, there is a way of using it to gain some kind of special Kudo points -- support around a special event or project you're involved with or simply to promote your talents, then you have a point of focus -- a corner stone, so to speak, from which to build such a thing.

    What you describe isn't "Psychological" but mathematical and there are other ways of using math in a written presentation; my suggestion being that you email Abbott's Magic Company about a copy of Eddie Joseph's "Mail Mentalism" I've used it for a good thirty years as a PR tool both, in the manner Eddie originally outlined and as an Interactive Ghost Story I'd send in to the papers come Halloween time -- a tall tale about a spiritual visit I had from Houdini and the card trick he taught me. . . (please use a different theme if you use this effect)

    The Danish Elephant is an antique that many educators, especially math teachers, know. While it has an older variation from which Max evolved his routine (you can find it in the Annemann book on Forces) that is better known, the Elephant version has been heavily exposed on the net and will most likely backfire on you as would the card force. On the other hand, there is a wonderful card prediction piece I use a lot in some of my marketing material known as HASTERIX that can be found in the Lewis Jones book "Person to Person" (believe it or not you can get 3 hard hits with that word + 3 or 4 soft hits).

    The big thing is to have a reason for folding any such piece into the report and knowing how to make it a thing of personal advantage vs. an act of showing off. The more creative you are on that front the greater your chances are at impressing the teacher and quite possibly all of your teachers. BUT. . . and this is very important for you to weigh. . . if the routine you share is too good, too strong all of the faculty will expect you to be able to produce better in all of your classes. You will have proven yourself capable of doing great things that go a bit outside the norm. In other words, you may be shooting yourself in the foot by including such a thing this early in the school year.
  3. Great post Craig.
  4. Craig is right.

    I'm not sure how the psychological force fits into your paper. Are you just adding it at the end because you're allowed to put anything there, and the only reason is because you are a magician?

    A psychological force won't work on paper, at least none that I know of. The mathematical ones would though, but those will easily be figured out by your teacher.

    You could try and build a psychological force into the whole entire paper, with the reveal in the end, however there is no guarantee that it would work.
  5. I would probably not worry about a psychological force in your paper...the teacher said you can do whatever you want...but im sure it must be in relation to the topic somehow? My advice is to just focus on getting a good mark :)

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