Psychological Forces


Mar 4, 2008
I know there is a DvD by Luke Jermay concerning these techniques, but does anyone know of any other books or DvD's that deal with and teach psychological forces? I have become increasingly interested in them, and I wish to be able to implement these techniques into a card routine.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.


theory11 moderator
PS1 by Banachek is a book that focuses greatly on psyche forces and ways to present these - Really good, but could be difficult to get your hands on now.

PS2 has some cool stuff in as well, and as far as I know that's widely available still :)

May 8, 2008
Cumbria, UK
Derren Brown - The Devil's Picturebook. Widely recommended, and rightly so. Has several types of forces in there.

Seconded. This dvd has to be one of the best magic purchases I ever made. Love it.
Also, Daniel Madison has an ebook coming out soon called Psycho, which is purely psychological forces, or so I am led to believe. You might want to pick that up when it pops by.
Alternatively, you could get something that appears to be a psych force but isn't. From what I hear, Dee Christopher has something like that in his latest ebook, 23:23. It's a way of switching out a prediction card for the spectator's named card. Don't quote me on that, though. And, whilst this would work for a simple think-of-a-card trick, it wouldn't work for a more complicated psych fore routine, not to mention the fact that you don't get that warm fuzzy feeling that a correctly performed psych force gives you.
There's the best things I can recommend right now. Quite a few places mention them in passing, for example David Blaine's book, Mysterious Stranger mentions one or two, but those are the only places I can think of where you'll really get taught what you want. Best of luck with psych forcing, it's great fun.
Dee Christopher recommended two awesome sources for this type of thing. Psychological Subtleties 1 and 2 by Banachek. Unfortunately, ever since Derren Brown became a noteworthy figure in mentalism, I feel both these books have become widely underrated. There's some awesome gems in them, and a lot of it's been used by the likes of David Blaine and Criss Angel on their national television appearances.

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