Psychological Forces?

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  1. Can you guys recommend any "psychological" verbal forces to "force" someone to think of a certain playing card? Thanks!

  2. if you are performing to a female, ask her what playing card does she consider herself? she will almost always say the Queen of Hearts. i said almost so dont rely your whole routine on this :D

    i dont own them but a set of lecture notes by daniel madison has atleast 2 psychological forces aswell, and he says the are 100% reliable
  3. The Derren Brown lecture available ant vanishing inc and penguin has 2. One for the 3 of diamonds and one for the 7 of hearts.

    I don't own it but I believe Rich Ferguson has something on This is Mentalism Volume 1
  4. I am a huge fan of this idea, more so on an intellectual level more so than performing the effect.

    Docc Hilford was (to my knowledge the first) person to create the effect and his is still one of the best.
    Derren has a few in his books based on a similar ideas to Docc's and his invisible deal and invisible deal force are quite a different approach.
    Richard Osterlind has a very nice idea that extends the idea for multiple cards (Docc uses this idea aswell).
    Daniel Madison has a many ideas in his book Psycho.
    Bryn Reyonlds in the Safwan Papers has a very nice idea that can force a range of cards.
    Joshua Quinn has one of the nicest approaches to using equivoke to force a card.
    David Berglas in his latest book has one of the best approaches using an actual deck of cards

    Whilst I said I love the idea of the effect I personally never use them in performance because there is a lot to go through for a fairly simple effect. Yes it is a completely 'free' choice of the card they think of however if it is routined correctly a simple peek or key cards can be much more effective to the audience.
  5. I'd second Madison, who has some psychological forces in his One notes.
  6. I'm not quite sure that DM said this. I have his book on psych effects, in which he goes over a bunch of psych forces, and he says that no force is 100%. What lecture note set is this?
  7. I've been running through Expert Card Technique lately and I found a couple. They require the spectator to look at the cards though, they aren't completely mental in that sense.
    Dai Vernon's Mental Force Pg. 271
    Ultima Thule Location Pg. 331
    The Psychic Stop Pg. 330

    They're not exactly psychological forces but they use psychological principles to force a card :)
  8. Dani Daortiz also has some really nice psychological forces

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