Psychological Subtleties 3 for my Dad!

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  1. I got Psychological Subtleties 3 today. I told my dad that I was cosidering getting it and he may have to order it for me (I am only 15), this was about ten days ago. I still wasnt sure if I was going to get it. Two days after that I asked him to order it for me and to my surprise he said he already did it behind my back when I first told him about it. He got it because he knew that sooner or later I would get it I just had to think about it. He was right. Anyway I gave him the money and began my waiting.

    It was ordered from magic inspirations site so there would be a signature in it from banachek. I thought that banacheks signature would be in it alone. However when I got it the signature was not alone it also said my dads name with a couple of other words.:eek:

    This is a big dissapointment, we were both surprised but I was very sad. :(

    I am quite dissapointed and just thought I would share.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Wait, you're disappointed because he put some other things including your dad's name instead of just his signature alone?
  3. Yeah I mean its my book and is signatured to my dad and besides its better if banachek just signs his name.
  4. Seems kind of selfish and irrelevant.
    You got his signature,doesnt matter what it says.
  5. Yeah that does seem kind of selfish. And I'm sure that 99% of people would rather have them include some extra words rather than just the signature. The extra words show that they actually put some effort into signing it. I think having them put extra words makes it a lot better. That's definitely better than JUST the signature.
  6. I can see your point to some extent, you wanted it to be a gift to you and personalized to you but it says To: Your dad's name. With some other words.

    I wouldn't get your panties in a bunch. It was still nice of your dad to order it for you and it is still signed.

    Oh well. Don't be that upset about it. Just dig into the material and enjoy it.
  7. I suppose it depends what you want the book for. If you're planning to keep it in pristine condition and resell it then, yeah, it would have been better with just the signature. If you're a collector then it's still a good item to have on your shelf....and if you're a hardcore collector then you'll buy another one signed to yourself. I've spent horrific amounts of money on stuff just coz it's got Dai Vernon's signature on it, and (obviously) none of them were signed to me personally.
  8. I am not sure if I will sell it but I do want the option that is why I would rather just having the signature I am still glad to have the book but if it goes out of print it would be nice to have the option. It probably wont but it is a posibility that is the reason why I am dissapointed.

    Thanks for reading.
  9. look on the bright side mate, u now have the final part of what i would call a massive gemstone in mentalism, enjoy it.
  10. This isn't a review for Psychological Subtleties 3. :confused: I feel cheated. :(
  11. Was passing time on the internet and saw this. As a result I did feel I needed to sign up and reply.

    I am truly sorry that this young man (I only say young because I am turning 49 this Nov) feels this way.

    At we tell everyone that if you get a book through our site we will personalize it for you. As a result, if one purchases a book through our site, I go out of my way to take that extra step to personalize it to the person who ordered. Sometimes people will ask for it to be signed to another individual, or even a pseudonym. Unless there are specific instructions not to do so this is the norm. To do this I have to drive an hour to Scott's home and I try to do this as often as I can in between my busy travel schedule, not always an easy task as I do have a family I like to spend time with.

    I will tell you that there are some people who never sign anything without personalizing it. I am quite happy not to if asked.

    Again, I do apologize, but it really was not a problem at our end. Your wonderful father who took his time to order this for you did not state otherwise. Think of it this way, if your Dad becomes really famous, and he might, then this will have even more value, it certainly wont by my signature alone. Also, if at some point we meet, I will be happy to re-personalize it to you.

    Again, I am sorry you feel this way but I can only hope that after your read it, the contents will far surpass this small faux pas.

    In thoughts and friendship

  12. The Banachek? O.O



    A few people here might need a diaper...
  13. Somebody must have called...The Banachek Phone!

    P.S. That's a Go Magic Go reference. :)
  14. smells like pooh wait its me :eek: hail the great banachek
  15. HAHA! I remember that show. Wish they had kept it going.

    I wouldn't fret over the book being signed to your dad, dude. Your dad bought you the book AND it has Banachek's signature in it. You gained a lot more than you lost. Spending your time fretting over the book having your dad's name in it over appreciating your dad buying you the book and enjoying it is kind of selfish, don't you think?

    I have two magic books signed to an ex-girlfriend. When they came in the mail addressed to her we laughed about it. Really not a big deal.

    Very classy of Banachek to come on here and address this himself. What a stand-up guy.

    Enjoy your book, man.

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