Question About Originality

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by DerekDouglas, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. OK for awhile I've been trying to make the perfect looking coin vanish. I've performed it for several laymen, and they all liked it. Yet, MiRAGE came out which, evidently, looks kind of like one of the versions, yet I want to put it on the Wire because I think they might have different methods. I would buy MiRAGE to see if the don't have the same method, yet I don't have the money. Here's kind of what it looks like:

    A coin is borrowed and signed. It is placed in the middle of your palm as you hand goes over it for just a split second, then it's completely GONE. Hands can immediately be shown empty, no funny sleights/moves, short sleeve, hands can be shown empty right after, no curled fingers (Which I think has something to do with MiRAGE)

    Any idea on originality?
  2. If it looks like Mirage it might not be original. However, if you can show your hands empty, go ahead and try.

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