Quick Thinkin' and a Bit Of Luck

Jun 3, 2020
Upper Management at my job called my desk, joking that they keep hearing that I "do magic" but they'd never seen me perform anything and they felt left out.
I told them to think of a card in their mind and I'd be right up to show them something.
I was WAY out of practice but I grabbed a deck out of my drawer, thought about how I'd follow this effect up, and headed upstairs.

In the elevator I realized it was my Invisible Deck I grabbed so with seconds left to re-plan this I just decided to do the most basic version of the effect.
The elevator opened, I set the deck on the table, and I asked my CEO to name the card he'd been thinking of.
His assistant says, "The Joker!" "Ok" I smiled while I thought, "Shoot, I can't remember if there's a Joker in this Deck."
My CEO interrupts, "9 of Hearts is what I was thinking".

I tell them I reversed just 1 card on my way up the stairs and sure enough it was the 9 of Hearts! I reveal the card, then thumb through the cards a little more to show it's the only reversed card in the deck, when just then his assistant says, "Look, there's one other card reversed at the bottom! What is it?"
I fake-smiled, all knowingly as I thought, "Yeah, what in the World is it?!?!"
I turn it over. It's the Joker... I say, "Of course I didn't forget about your Joker."
I walked out and with a smile said, "Yeah, that's right :) "

Anyway, it got me thinking... Is there a time where you've been super lucky and a mistake or happenstance either saved your effect or improved it?


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Nov 1, 2009
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Never... just never have I had luck like that. Was the Joker R/S or just another card you stuck in to keep the deck box full? If my memory is correct most ID's don't have jokers.

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Jun 3, 2020
Haha! I have no idea how it got there. It was just a lose non-gimmicked Joker in the deck and I have no recollection of putting it in there.
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