Quick Trick - My Out of the Box Take

Feb 2, 2008
Hey Guys,
The quick trick is a classic where a freely chosen card is to be selected, placed back under impossible conditions and retrieved in a blink of an eye with what appears to be no slight of hand.

This is my take on it, hope you guys like it!

P.S Most of you will know what it is if you have played around with the gimmick, I am sharing the idea enjoy!
May 2, 2008
Looks like a pretty cool trick. Could be used in an ACR as well. I liked it, it was quick, direct, and to the point.

Well done.

Keep up the good work,

Jul 8, 2008
Really nothing entirely to original, but I like your thinking. I do an effect that is like that but the card goes in, and when the spectators snap their fingers, the deck leaps out of my hand spinning (TG Murphy deck flip) and the card comes out of the middle. I have this choreopraphed so it could land face up on my wrist. It is based on the idea that whenever youy drop a card, people always say "I would freak if that was my card" lol
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