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  1. I didn't want to make too many threads, so I will just ask in this one. First, where can I learn the ashes on spectator's arm trick? Also, where can I buy the Invisible Aces trick? Finally, although I am pretty sure this belongs in the product questions section, I will just ask: Are the refills for tarantula the reels for the spider pen? I couldn't find refills anywhere on E.

    I am sorry I know so little. I am only 4 months into magic. These questions may have been answered before.
  2. I don't know about invisible aces, but you can get tagged by Rich Sanders (or Ferguson, I forget) they're not ashes, but it's writing on an arm. There's also a trick where there are ashes on your arm on "How to do Street Magic." I hate saying this, but for refills on the tarantula go to a horrible website called, penguinmagic.com. I hate the site, but they do have some good stuff.
  3. Do you mean Invisible Palm by any chance (which uses four Aces)? I don't think I remember Invisible Aces.
  4. Just buy Royal Road to Card magic or Card College or Magic: The Complete Course or Mark Wilson's Complete Course in magic.

    Either one of those books should get you on the right path and should also be pretty cheap and easy to get.. Besides Card College.
  5. What is wrong with Penguin?


    The "Invisible Aces" trick is actually called "Invisible Palm", and is sometimes referred to as "Open Travelers" or "Traveling Aces". You can learn it from a multitude of sources, of which I suggest the following:

    The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings [link]
    Jennings '67 [link]
    Art of Astonishment: Book 3 [link]


    As for the ashes on spectator's arm trick, I am unsure of any specific teaching of that effect in existence - you may check out Tagged by Rich Ferguson [link]


    The Mesika thread is the thread used in Tarantula - and I believe it is the same thread used for the Spider Pen.
  6. The Invisible Palm can be found in the Art of Astonishment
  7. Thanks Guys. I thought the Invisible Aces looked like the Invisible Palm, but I just wasn't sure. Thanks again.
  8. They have some good stuff, but they have a lot of junk too. The focus on quantity and not quality. I just don't like the look of their site either.
  9. I stumbled across it
    Careful with it, I don't recommend that DVD. The revelation doesn't usually look 100% perfect (unreliable) and most spectators are against you putting ashes (or pepper, sand, whathaveyou) all over their arm. Also I just didn't like the overall DVD. Very poor performance of the trick on it. IMO not worth the money.
  10. That's like saying street magic is a higher form than professional magic. Do you not like them because they arn't these super hip flashy ceisure inducing trailer website? The look of Theory11 and the tralers definetly DO NOT help my vertigo lol.

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