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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JohnnyG, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,
    My name is John I enjoy Card Magic. Over the years I have learned hundred or more Card Tricks. Ive performed mostly to friends and family, also some other places which wasnt good.
    I always have just showed my tricks that just pop into my head, as I have forgot a lot. Now I want to get a routine together. I'd like to find a perfect routine that I could show off if Im ever around a group of people. Can someone please recommend a routine for me, my card skill is ok I can do tricks from bro. John Hamman, ect like Devilish Retold, Final Aces, Jazz Queens, The Marx Brothers, ect. Im good with the dl, elmsley count, ect. Thanks to anyone that can help out.
  2. John:

    Welcome to the forums! A couple of questions that may help us give you suggestions:

    What effects do you perform most often?

    Do you mostly perform standing up or sitting down?

    What resources do you have such as books and videos?

    If you were to pick a character from a book, movie or television show that is close to your performance character, who would it be?
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  3. Hey mate, do you have the Royal Road to Card Magic?
    It has some amazing routines listed.
    Also, I'll tell you two small things...
    1st, you don't need to ask or look for routines. You CAN if you want ideas, but that's about it. Take, for beginning purposes, ANY THREE effects you think go together. Any three tricks that seem as if they SHOULD follow each other. You say you have performed for friends and family. Am sure you do atleast 2 tricks back to back then? Also, they prolly have a connection? Presto! You have a routine!
    As long as, and this is the basic rule of routining ANYTHING, magic effects or long as the things you perform have a meaning to the audience and the audience can connect the pieces and understand everything's going IN A FLOW, it's fine.
    2nd, don't try to count how many tricks you know or can do. But if you feel you forget stuff, I always write down the super complicated effects down. I mean, the effect might be simple, but the sleights employed might be complicated and have to be performed in a very specific particular order, Just write those things down, and browse through that diary or note-book when you get the time.
    I swear it has been so many times I rediscover a trick I performed a lot in the past and then it just died out for me. But after reading that effect and method again, I can reconstruct it to become more impossible than it was before.

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