Retheming the multiplying spongeballs / rabbits routine?

Aug 26, 2022
You know the trick usually used as a closer for the sponge balls, sometimes its the sponge rabbits other times its balls with a load of minis but the setup line I've always heard is "daddy sponge and mama sponge blablabla". I think the trick itself is terrific and a lot of fun but trying to script it for myself and there's something about that line that just doesn't sit with me - not a problem with anyone else that uses it but as an individual it doesn't work for me.

Are there magicians doing this effect in different routines or setups that I don't know about as a complete novice that I could watch and learn from, or does anyone else maybe have any ideas on lines for this?



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Nov 1, 2009
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How about a presentation based on physics? Fission, fusion and an explosion at the end?

Or maybe a presentation on "basic" math. “If you have one sponge ball in you hand and I give you an invisible one, how many do you have?” At the end, “So, if X equals two Y multipled by parenthical six X times five plus three, how do you solve for Y? The good news is you don’t have to do the math, turn your hand upside down and open it.”

How about one using green sponge balls on how germs spread... too soon?
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Aug 26, 2022
Ooh that's actually very interesting, I did have half an idea about something to do with physics and exploding particles but funny you mention green sponge balls because that's what I use.
Half an introduction line roughly "these look like clown noses, and that's because they are, you may notice they're green that's because they were harvested before they were ripe. I shouldn't even be joking about this, there's an epidemic of unsustainable clown farming practices" and because of that I had a showerthought about a line involving a clown car, you know the ones, the funny little car stuffed full of way too many clowns.

I do actually like the maths line, which is ironic because I'm literally dyscalculic but I still like it much more than the original lines.
Thanks, man.
Aug 26, 2022
Turns out I just missed the edit timeout so I can't put this in the last post - Oh well. Sorry.
Actually a little thinking about it and yeah I think I could do something with the maths stuff because I can see scripting something like you said with all of the little maths details, times this etc but finish it off with something like "look I'll be honest, I have dyscalculia and I really don't understand numbers so I just make things up which is fun because I'm always surprised by outcome" and at that point have them open their hand.
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