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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by clarrus, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Ah Opinion.

    Now that makes much more sense.

    Thanks Jack.
  2. Let me clarify because I think my specific answers to a single question is being reflected as a whole general answer.

    No CTB effects shows the coin penetrating. Like the FS the coin is put behind the bottle and it penetrates there.

    I never said it was the BEST CTB. I gave it a 8 out of 10. If you read my opinion slot, I gave the high score because of it teaching you the Gimmick making. I emphasized that. I think that is worth more value than how to do the trick itself because you can modify it and make your own signature move with it.

    Any claim from the youtube posting or the website is seperate from me. There is no PERFECT surround solution. Yes it can be done surrounded on one variation but not on the other. He gives you 4 variations.

    Please point out a specific comment that you think i'm trying to fool CTB experts with. I'm just keeping it real yo.
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    My apologies if you thought I was quoting you.
    I was referring to the posts made from the seller's youtube page posted by Andy himself.
    Jack the Magician has enlightened that this was merely opinion.

    I certainly would agree it is not the best.

    Most CIBs show some kind of verification that the coin is truly in the bottle as soon as the penetration effect takes place and can be validated by the spec grabbing the bottle as soon as the performer lets go of the coin.
    How well rounded is Sealed and Stuck? Can you perform the penetration with an already opened bottlet hat is half full?, 1/4 full?
  4. Thanx for clarifying about the quotes. I think we can all agree that we have independant reviews like this one to level the quotes from the sellers advertisement.

    I agree that most bottles are passed immediately after the penetration "effect" but it is still covered by hand or speed. It's not like they put the coin on the bottle and they watch it sink in. THAT is going to be the next level.

    Yes you can perform it with half or 1/4 full water for SLAM. Essentially the water is not the issue in any of the tricks. The Sealed and Stuck one SHOULD (not HAS) be done with a full bottle because if you did Sealed and Stuck where the cap is factory sealed but the bottle only had half or 1/4 water, I think that would be a little fishy. I would say it's pretty well rounded. The big key novelty is that the coin is bigger than the mouth of the bottle. THAT is will be their focal point because they will conclude that the coin HAD to go through the bottle because there is no other way to get it in there.
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    Does the coin create a :::splash::: like ordinary CIBS to convincingly show it to actually be IN the bottle?

    Can you penetrated the coin and let it drop into a vertical bottle that is half full, and SEE the::: splash:::?
  6. Right, I think I know what you are talking about.....if you hold it horizontal, then it won't be a problem. As far as I can tell, the only new idea being introduced is that a coin bigger than the mouth of the bottle is entering a full, factory sealed bottle.

    The slam of half or 1/4 water is just extra filler to the DVD. Not a major component at all. Like I said Slam isn't the best and it definately isn't something new if you know CTB already. I don't want to give too many details out.

    My best response would be it really wouldn't matter because you are controlling how the trick is being done. I can say that YOU have to hold the bottle. This cannot be done while the spectator is holding the bottle like I saw in FS.

  7. Well that is nothing new. In FS you can do that.
    FS was introduced to the magic community some time ago.
    And, People who learned it in private sectors were performing it.
    Even the streamlined Factory Sealed was filmed way before Sealed n Stuck came out.
    The Factory Sealed DVD teaches the big coin.

    So you can't see a :::splash::: when holding the bottle as shown in the demo for Sealed n Stuck and you can't let the spec hold the bottle...hymmm.

    Sounds like a coin not in the bottle.
    I don't like it.

    Many times without your control, someone will GRAB without warning.
    This is something you have no control over.

    To me a coin in bottle/through bottle ,should have an immediate verification that the coin is in fact inside the bottle the moment it is expressed.

    To artistically express that the coin is in the bottle, only to cover it up (or eclipse it behind the hand) before you hand it out, look fishy to me.

    I appreciate the review. I really do.

    With this new information above...I would drop this down to a 6/10.

    Set up seems like it has to be done at home
    Not practical enough.
    No where near Impromptu or even seemingly impromptu.
    Not genuine looking...looks like it is behind the bottle and not in the bottle.
    Hands look extremely dirty.

  8. Wait till I get FS so I can do a comparison. I really am itching to get FS and see how that is done. There may even be ways to combine the two. From what I hear though, FS they only HEAR the cap being removed but in Sealed and Stuck, THEY get to remove the cap and see that it really is factory sealed.
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    Well the original FS was genuinely sealed.
    Ellusionist put it under development and now it has been streeamlined for totally workability in the real world.
    The method used in the dVD is ingenious because it is done on the spot with no gimmicks.

    To SEAL a bottle takes time or a simple investment in gimmicks.
    Anyone can do that.

    It will cost you time and/or $$$ though.

    Even Abys uses an old method found in past bottle trickslike 'Impossibile Card to Bottle.'

    It really is nothing new to go that route.
  10. Can Sealed n Stuck be performed with just about any bottle...ribbed and smooth?
  11. Yeah if you wanted to, you can do that for ANY bottle effect.

    FS is so strong that when performed properly, people swear not only the seal was in tact, but that they broke the seal.

    It just that powerful.

    Can Sealed N Stuck shown in the demo be performed with ribbed bottles? Bottles where i am from are all ribbed.
  12. Like poland spring bottles?? They can be done with Any bottles, except for metal bottles........well then they wouldnt' be bottles, they'd be cans. That is Sinful not Sealed and Stuck. STOP DIGRESSING. I think I have ADD. I like Vanilla and Open Water
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    Thank you clarrus for answering all those questions.

    MagicZen and BRodgers, We all knew that you guys are hard core FS fans. And from your previous posts from other threads, we already knew that you really hate Sealed & Stuck.

    I guess Sealed & Stuck is not the CTB bottle for you guys.

    It is a set of CTBs for real serious workers that are willing to put in the effort to practice and perfect it. The overkill elments like real factory sealed bottle, big signed coin and open penetration requires longer set up, but will get you greater reactions.

    If you like CTBs with easy set up, you can try the impromptu version of Sealed & Stuck. Or try Nick's FS.

    It's all up to you. You are the one who decide which is the "best" CTB for you.

    Everyone is different, hence there will be no such thing as "the CTB".

    If you value easy set up more, go for the impromptu version of Sealed & Stuck or Nick's FS.

    If you value the overkill elements more, try Sealed & Stuck.

    Someone from the Cafe owns Sealed & Stuck, Factory Sealed and Abyss 2. He combined all 3 effects and he said he came up with the best CTB for himself.

    I guess we should be more open and don't just limit ourselves to one particular effect.

    Sealed & Stuck was released 3 months before Factory Sealed.
    And both Factory Sealed and Sealed & Stuck have different ways of getting the big coin in.

    Let's just wait for clarrus to get FS and make a comparision.
  14. Do you know this for a fact? Not trying to be difficult or bash S&S or anything - this is a serious question. I've been interested in trying to incorporate a sealed bottle that the spec can open into Factory Sealed, and I may grab S&S just so I can get some methods for doing so (I've got a couple of ideas and methods that I came up with myself, also). Another big coin method is interesting, too.
  15. Yes, that is a fact.

    Clarrus can confirm that once he gets Factory Sealed.
  16. IF I get's been a while now......maybe USPS went on strike or something?
  17. Clarrus.

    A rigid bottle question is just a question.
    I live in the US and many bottles are rigid.
    If we can't ask question about bottle types without a direct answer then what's the point of even inquiring further about this effect that has not been backed up by a solid prominent company?

    When people make purchases they want to know the performance value of an Effect.

    Set up?
    Genuine verifications(splash or any indication that it is in the bottle)
    Are you left dirty with a gimmick?
    Can the specs snatch the bottle as soon as you let go of the coin?

    What kind of bottles can you use?( sooth, ridged, etc)
    These are simple inquiries....

    In the video it looks like the coin is just pressed up againt the back of the bottle (and not in the bottle)...I think it is pertinent to know if it can be done with rigid bottles for the demo only showed one example.

    What would be the recommended bottle type?
    Smooth like the demo or ridged?

  18. I have a few ideas really isnt rocket science.
    All methods like that though take a bit of pre show work.
    I am reluctant to pick up a DVD that is only going to show me home prep work that I already know.

    Because this product isn't backed up by a major widely known company, I am just wondering if you are gonna wind up with one of the traditional ways to doit or something very similar.
  19. Sorry if I made it sound like I was mocking you, I wasn't. I was just trying to say that you can use any bottle you want. Except metal cuz that is a can (I was trying to make a joke......I failed......). I thought by rigid, you meant poland spring bottles where the it has those curves......but now I think you mean like hard plastic instead of soft?? ANY bottle will work.
  20. Let me get FS to compare. From what I hear Abyss requires THEIR own gimmick so I think I can assume that it is different.
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