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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by clarrus, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. This might be off topic... but I really think it's a good joke. And maybe I'll try performing sinful with a metal bottle next time.

    MagicZen, Sealed & Stuck doesn't need the back up of a "major widely known company"

    It needs people who can appreciate its beauty.

    Plus the set up and gimmick for Sealed & Stuck are unqiue. You can only find them in Sealed & Stuck.

    Other people who purchased it already confirmed that the gimmick is original.
  2. Clarrus,

    Just FYI, Abyss uses something from a traditonal concept.
    You can get them just about anywhere, but they cost extra $$$ and require refills, not to mention that they are not compatiable for every bottle.
    It's good, but not ideal for you can't rely on the sealed effect without them.


    I'll have to strongly to disagree about better reactions by doing a longer set up.For ONE: when you do something on the spot with THEIR bottle or a bottle right out of a vending machine, the "impromptuness" conditions play a huge factor in reactions.

    Plus, As long as the spectator believes in a penetration with a bottle that has never been opened, THAT is what they remember.

    Here are some posts from Pro Magicians concerning sealed bottle effects.

    There are so many other posts in totaly agreeance to this but I don't want to clutter this thread just merely point out some things I've researched from experienced pro working magicians.
    Why turn the trick into a puzzle and over emphasize the sealed aspect?
    You don't go up to a person and say "look I have a REGULAR deck of cards, do you? I hope not.

    In any case, to limit yourself on over emphasizes a conceivable subtlety by doing a lot of pre show work that is not necessary only cripples your performance value in real world situations.

    You won't be able to properly perform the sealed version without the pre show in Sealed n Stuck.

    And, when you do go through all the trouble to do so, the spectators aren't going to scream any louder than the streamlined version of Factory Sealed which teaches a very usuable method that can be used on virtually any bottle at any time without pre show work or refills.
  3. How do you define "traditional concept"?

    I have Abyss and I think the concept is great. If I'm not wrong it's the first CTB to use that concept.

    For Sealed & Stuck, you don't have to worry about the cost of the gimmick. And it works for any bottles.

    Yes, Sealed & Stuck requires set up.

    But it is possible to make it appear impromptu.

    I can "appear" to go inside a store, buy the bottle and do the effect.

    That makes the effect look impromptu. If you combined that with other killer elements like real factory sealed bottle, big signed coin etc, you will get insane reactions.

    Furthermore, you CANNOT do Factory Sealed with a borrowed bottle and do the set up in front of them. You have to do the set up when they are not looking, or under the table if you got the guts.

    I will continue to emphasis on the factory sealed part.

    That is the reason why the trick is called "Sealed & Stuck".

    Watch the demo video, look at the girl's reaction when she felt and saw that the seal is unbroken. Look at the reactions of the people around. One guy was laughing and the other guy covered his mouth in disbelieve.

    As a perfectionist, I want them to open and inspect the seal. To me, that is more convincing.

    And most importantly, I would like them to take the factory sealed bottle back home. Whenever they look at the bottle, they will remember the miracle they had witnessed.

    Of course, the audio confirmation used in Factory Sealed could work too. But I really prefer the audience to feel and break the seal themselves.

    Of course, you can choose to disagree.

    Let's just agree to disagree shall we?
  4. I think we should move away from talking about the theories and concepts of CTB. Maybe a new thread is in order for that one. As for this review, I think it's pretty thorough enough now with all the Q and A to leave this alone. Like closing it if necessary. Unless other people have inquiries.....
  5. I agree with you clarrus.

    You wrote a great review and it should already give people a good idea of the pros and cons of Sealed & Stuck.

    I have a feeling this thread would be in total chaos if we continue to talk about CTB theories etc.

    Maybe you can asked the mods to close it.
  6. Can you hand the bottle out for the spec (with sealed and suck)to hold onto before you go into your routine, like you can with Untouchable?
  7. Andy,

    You probably haven't seen it because you do not have as much experience with bottle effects as I thought.
    Pick up 'Impossible Card to Bottle' by Gerald Kirchner and you will see this "traditional means."

    Not to say this is good or bad, just something that has been done before.
    Again, it requires refills and is an additional cost each and everytime and doesn't really add to the overall reactions at all.
  8. no you cannot.
  9. Oh are you talking about Abyss 2 or Abyss 1? I was talking about the method used in Abyss 1. Btw, I'm not sure if it is consider exposure if you said Abyss uses the same "means"

    If it is, maybe the mods can delete both our posts.

    No, you can't do that.

    But if you really want to do that, you can do so with the impromptu method of Sealed & Stuck.
  10. Can they cut their signed coin out of the bottle at the end without the performer touching the bottle?(with Sealed and Stuck)
  11. Wow, it's really getting technical now......Yes if you are good at sleight. No if you are not. Maybe depends.......I wish I could give you a better answer w/o revealing too much. Again it's just a tool, maybe you can create your own routine and sleights to make it better and use it for your signature move.
  12. Yes, it's possible if you are good at sleights.

    Anyway, this is getting closer and closer to fishing for methods.

    I think most of the important questions have been answered.
  13. clarrus,

    I think it is important to stick to what is actually taught in the DVD instead of what is possible outside of the teachings and learned from other sleight of hand and CIB routines. That same scrutiny has been applied to other CIB effects so it should be equally applied here to this effect.

    I realize that you and I, as well as a few others, can think outside of the box and work with effects but it is probably best to just stick to what is possible based on what is taught here.

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    You can let them cut the bottle, and use the same sleights taught in the video to achieve the same effect.

    Hope that answer your question.

    I think it is great if you can combine the CTBs on the market or even better, come up with your own CTB effect by thinking outside the box.

    Like I mentioned earlier, some people combined the recent CTBs on the market and came up with his own CTB.

    Every CTB has it's own pros and cons. If you can improve them by combining the pros of the various CTBs feel free to do so.
  15. you are so right.
  16. My question was Can the spectator cut the bottle open and take the coin out theirselves without the performer touching the bottle. Simple yes or no question guys.
  17. In magic, nothing is that simple. The DVD does not teach you how to do it. I guess that would be the best response.
  18. It would be impossible unless the bottle has a slit in it.
  19. Can the coin be signed by the spectator?
  20. OMG. I went through this thread and keep seeing the same questions being thrown up again and again.

    YES, there is a version called SIGNED SEALED AND STUCK!!

    Read the freakin review before you post.
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