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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by clarrus, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. No need ot start another thread. I will continue to compare my effect with yours in this thread, as this is what you do with other CIB threads.

    You say that it can be performed totally surrounded, but a few posts up, a customer that has bought it says it can not, I am confused?
  2. Normally other people would mention my CTB first, then compare them with other CTB effects.

    From my experience, once you start comparing the effects, there would be chaos.

    Jeremy, if you really want to start a thread to compare the various CTBs, feel free to do so in another thread.

    If you read my post, I'm tallking about one of the impromptu version that can be done surrounded.

    That impromptu version of Sealed & Stuck uses a very similar principle as the Untouchable and Hanrahan hold. The difference would be my version doesn't require the gimmick.

    In fact, you do know about that impromptu version as I mentioned that to you back in the Magic Cafe a few months ago.

    Yes, you can do that with the impromptu version.
  3. Again I am confused, I thought others have said the set up for your effect is extensive, and not worth the bother, but you are saying now the your CIB version does not require any gimmicks or set-up?
  4. Actually no one who purchased the effect said that the set up is not worth the bother.

    Those who said that all supported another particular CTB and they did not even purchase the effect.

    And please read the review on the first page of the thread. Most of your questions are already answered there.

    A total of 5 versions are included in the DVD.

    2 of them are the impromptu versions, where you can borrow the bottle and do the set up.
  5. I said the learning how to make the gimmicks is a very valuable tool. It is what made me give it a 8 out of 10 as opposed to a 6 or lower.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up, so the IS a GIMMICK involved for this effect, thanks.
  7. Yes, there is. It was stated on the review on the very first page.

    And a total of 5 variations are taught in the DVD.

    There is an impromptu version that does not require any gimmicks. (That is the one that uses a similar principle as Untouchable and Hanrahan hold.)
  8. I don't get the demo much.

    Looks like you BROUGHT your OWN bottle to a fast food joint.
    How is that magical? Bringing your own bottle to a restaurant where foutain drinks are served...I don't get it.

    I keep hearing how YOU say others like this, yet that is very hard to beleive when OTHERS are not demo'ing it.

    I have only seen ONE performance of this by you on youtube (wich the comments are controlled & filtered)

    Is it possible to see this performed on the street standing up from you or ANYONE?

    Also, are other bottles requires to make the gimmick?
    Do any of these gimmicks require the usage of another bottle?
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    Since I've got Sealed & Stuck last week, I feel I should comment here
    and aid in clearing some questions about S&S.

    The gimmick, which there is only one for the penetration effect, has
    nothing to do with another bottle.

    If you dislike having a gimmick when you perform a CTB, by all means
    you can leave it out and use your favourite method to melt/slam the
    coin in. Ace's setup is fast, around 2 minutes when you get it down.
    Combine Ace's setup with your favourite CTB method, and you have
    a nice handout for the spectator.
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    Do you know what makes it magical? I bought the bottle from a 711 store before going to the fast food restaurant with them.

    Here's the demo video.

    Look at the reactions and you will know they had seen something very magical.

    Imagine being able to visually and openly melt a coin through the middle of the bottle. The big coin is trapped inside the factory sealed bottle. They can bring home the bottle as a souvenir.

    Whenever they look at the factory sealed bottle with the big coin inside it, they will remember the miracle they witnessed. How is that not magical?

    I'm not the one that said people like it.

    Go and read the reviews. Go and read the comments on the youtube page and other forums. Btw, read the comments of people who really purchased the effect.

    I believe most if not all the comments and reviews are positive.

    All those negative and mean comments came from people who don't own the effect. Moreover, they are hard core fans of another particular CTB.

    And I'm actually glad that people are not posting the peformance video up on youtube. Look at what is happening with some other CTB effects. There are so many performance video of people performing it. That makes the trick less unique.

    I don't want to perform a CTB and people said "Hey I have watched another 50 performance of that on youtube"

    This effect is still quite underground, compared to other CTB effects.

    Yes, of course!

    You can do it standing up, sitting down. If you are good maybe you can do it while you are levitating.
  11. I think it is better to use a bottle where you buy it at and do it impromptu.
    To much time in between causes suspicion.

    It looks like very dirty at the end and you really need that table to do lapping.

    When you get it down...Hymmm.
    Even when you get it down we're talking minutes not seconds.
    Not practical enough and certainly not up to the standards already set.

    People don't have 'minutes' in real life situations to get into an effect.
    This looks more like a family trick or puzzle or something.

    So thre IS a gimmick used here that requires another bottle.
    Hymmm... Sounds like an extra cost...and extra time doing pre show work.

    If I was to use my favorite methods to date...I guess I don't need this after all.

    Maybe not.
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    I shared a way to do that in the DVD.

    You can get the bottle from that store and do the effect there. I have done it before.

    Very dirty?

    It is as dirty as Nick's Factory Sealed btw.

    But I think it looks cleaner, as the hand that melts the coin in is shown empty RIGHT after the coin penetrates.

    For me I do the preparation at home.

    Maybe it is just me, but I really don't like the attitude of some magicians who complain about set up time, and effects that are not impromptu.

    Dove productions for example requires alot of pre show set up, not to mention the time and effort practicing and taking care of the doves.

    Are you saying Dove productions are "bad" or a "puzzle"? No! It is one of the most magical and beautiful things the audience will see!

    And will the audience think that the magic is not "impromtu"? No! To them, the effect is impromptu.

    Just like Sealed & Stuck. Yes you need set up. But to your audience, the effect seems to be impromptu. And when you see the reactions, you will feel that the set up is worth it.

    To me the audience are more important. If I need to put in that little bit more effort to present a more magical effect, I will.

    You already decided a long time ago. So please, go and perform the CTB you like.

    Actually that was meant to be a joke. Guess that's a bad one.

    But you really can levitate and perform it. Just that it is not advicable as the audience won't know which effect to focus on.
  13. Hi MagicZen,

    What I mean is, there is only one gimmick involved. And thats all.
    There is no gimmick involved about having another bottle.

    Main points on Ace's effect is to leave the spectator with the bottle still
    sealed and have a large coin inside. Also his own method on having the
    coin penetrating the bottle his own way.

    Of course, this might not be your preference due to setup. But my style,
    I do enjoy giving out to the spectators a sealed bottle to open themselves.
  14. Hi cyloh!

    I'm glad that you like the effect.

    I always love the reactions when they tried to open the bottle and found out that it is still factory sealed.

    Hope you will enjoy performing the CTBs as much as I do! :)
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    I'm closing this thread by request of clarrus. The thread has gone off on a bit of a tangent from his review, and, since he is the thread originator, I am honoring his request.

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