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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by trashmanf, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. finally......
  2. Great review trashmanf!
  3. You've got the best reviews on the net Trash.

    Entertaining, well-performed and best of all honest. Keep it up.

  4. Finally! Been waiting for a new review from you.
  5. Oh damn Fletch! That is the most hilarious review i've seen since the Wynn one (lol), so funny when you stick the deck in the blender :D put this in the media section.... Totally made my day :D:):D
  6. Go Trashman!!!
  7. Wow, that review was great and entertaining.
  8. I totally agree with creating your own moves.
  9. I was wondering what this would be like, after you were talking about it on dn, but it's great, keep it up.
  10. Haha love it! It lives up to the hype, if there was any.

    (This is C)S)

    EDIT: Oh yeah, no one will believe that you're doing those cuts at the end. xxGOBxxBLUTHxx aka Jay
  11. I loved the corny jokes in the beginning. :)

    I am a bit sad about the warps. :( However, I haven't had an experience that was too bad with them. For displays, I love doing displays such as the WERM, Lethal X, or (when I learn it :)) the Leno Cut. It's my favorite deck to do a display with. I also like the finish better than normal bikes, but it does probably effect the ability to do some XCM moves.

    If you are into magic though, Guardians and Centurions are great all around! Magicians will not be disappointed AT ALL. XCMers though may say otherwise. They seem like an average deck to them.

  12. Good job. I hope there's a recipe for blended cards.
  13. He never once said that he was the one doing the cuts. He told us on Decknique that he was waiting for Jay's footage so he could edit the video.
  14. This is probably my first positive post on theory11. This was a great video and I loved it.
  15. @guardian/CS... anybody that knows me wouldn't think for a second that was me doing those :D Jay also provided that SICK waterfall drop midway through BTW.

    edit: rotflmao ampersand, and thanks
  16. He was jk about that one, he just did a automatic flower fan lol :p
  17. Wow, thanks for the heads up! I was just about to order a half dozen!
  18. Your booty just got saved, sir.

    Trash, I love you. :p
  19. Hahahhhahahah I love this review. MAke more

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