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  1. Hey guy's what's up, soon im hping to start a series of video's titles "Road's Untraveled", what this will be mainly is me discussing and talking about topic's in magic such as insparation, creativity, and such, hopefully the first episode will be tomorrow. Any idea's for topic's?
  2. What do you have for topic ideas thus far?
  3. Well so far i have, creativity, insparation, piracy.
  4. What's the format you plan to use? Is it just a talk show?
  5. The detail's are still being kinked out at the moment.
  6. I would suggest not starting any videos until you've got the topics and scripts for at least a dozen already down. That way you can constantly make new videos and post them while still having time to come up with new topics.
  7. I never plan on a scrpit mainly due to the fact that if it is a scrpit it look's severly faked and put on.
  8. Not necessarily. Actors use a script and it doesn't look faked or put on. I am an improver as well but just stating that first sentence for emphasis.
  9. Well, bentley is right; Every play, every movie and every TV show is scripted. The actors make it sound like they're saying it for the first time.

    Instead of a "script" maybe consider having some more developed talking points? Maybe develop where you want to go with "creativity" more? It's a pretty broad subject...
  10. If not a script you should at least have a list of points that you want to make that are relevant to the topic. Something thats more like a plan than a script. Though really you can do it however you like, have people ask questions, and answer them, just speaking to the camera and voicing your own opinion etc
  11. If you don't have at least a basic script your show will consist of "uh" "um" and "annnd".. basically, it will be disjointed and not entertaining.
  12. I'm a tad smarter then that haha.
  13. Hm.

    Good luck, then. You'll need it.
  14. My comment is based off of the assumption that you are hoping for some decent recognition and or a pretty solid view count / fan base, else you wouldn't really be asking for advice in the first place, you would probably just go do it. If this is incorrect, please disregard the following.

    You seem to want recognition without having to put much effort into your own project. Scripting is extremely valuable, not just for helping you to remember what to say, but for organizing your own thoughts and for helping you to see mistakes/ holes/ areas for touch-ups, etc...

    Planning ahead and getting solid content down to allow for stock to set off the first several weeks is always the best plan. It is better to be ahead of your own deadline, than working to meet it each week.

    You say you are *smarter than that*, yet you only give us vague topics to work off of? Philosophy, piracy, etc??? Elite Masters from Heaven etc... could talk on those broad subjects for months at a time.

    Come down from the clouds and put some good hard time and effort into your own project. Success will be more easily reached.
  15. I so love folks that put the horse behind the cart when they start working on projects yet outlined and framed.

    WalkingHollow, before you can offer a product you must first have one. What you describe is a less than skeletal overview of an idea -- a Brain Fart -- that has potential but lacks substance such as "Who Are You & Why Would People Want to Watch You Present This Material? What's Your Experience/What Makes You an Authority Worthy of Investing My Time With?"

    Yes, I'm harsh but I can assure you, the world out there will be even less kind and even further less forgiving when you go out and offer incomplete and questionable material.

    You need a list of specific topics, at least a half dozen that you can start with free of outside contribution. This is very normal in any kind of regular programming, which I'd assume you are planning on some kind of Youtube channel type deal.

    Creativity, Inspiration & Piracy are very big topics or "categories" to be more accurate in that there are numerous divisions within the first two (particularly); the creative process I use in develop an act is far different from what goes into designing a brand new illusion, routine or promotion. Inspiration can come from a myriad of things; I've had music alone inspire how an act went together and the choreography of the effect(s) because of subtle cues within the music which embellish what the audience witnesses. At the same time I'll have a story or parable that will inspire my doing certain things in a certain way. We all have many different things when it comes to this subject so you would need to look at that Category and the many ways it can be divided and then outline a show, including guests that know something about a specific side of creation; what a card worker does will be seriously different from what a stage Illusionist will do or a Bizarrist. . . it all must be carefully weighed and SCRIPTED . . . a loose script but some mode of outline that insure quality of information and hitting the key points.

    Take a look at shows like John Stewart, Steven Colbert or even the News report on SNL. . . they all have an outline in front of them as do Leno, Letterman, etc. they are working off a type of script (and believe it or not, interview situations are heavily scripted at times).

    We Are Talking About Communications Here. . . that means you need to have a command of language. That means learning how to properly spell words and using the right words within your presentation structure ESPECIALLY if things go to print. You may need some coaching when it comes to this, a lot can be learned by studying other talk show or interview type characters you can relate to on the telly. Learn how to model yourself and your actions based on two or three such people so as to improve your own effectiveness as a video talent.

    CREDIBILITY on your end is another issue that requires time and application. It's very difficult for most of us to pull off something this audacious even if we have five or so years full time experience on and around the stage. You need connections which will include technicians for various types of magic, theatrical techniques, etc. for your program features. You may require equipment in order to walk through presentations or what to look for when one is planning to invest into a big illusion, etc.

    At minimum, you have at least 4-6 months prep time ahead of you. I would recommend investigating Public Access Tv in that you can pay a nominal fee (I think it's usually around $65.00 per half hour) and get a studio and proper production/broadcast grade cameras for making a show. This will give you a crisper, more professional look with your project from the ground up and that's something that you will be "graded on" by those watching your programs. People joke about L&L videos but the fact remains that they are professionally done with a proper look & feel vs. the garage productions we've all seen, in which a handheld low end camera is being used, next to no script, etc.

    Sorry to rain on this parade but I think you'd rather do things right the first time out.
  16. That's adorale.
  17. I'll assume you mean "Adorable" in that there is no such word as "adorale", which leads me to ask, "What so Adorable?"

    You've had several folks here take you to task and more or less "crush" your perspective when it comes to putting this project idea to work and making it viable.

    You asked for help and advice, it was given though it probably wasn't what you were looking for. Then you offer a strange "out of touch" retort. I'm just asking for clarity when it comes to what you mean by such?
  18. There's the tiny chance that it's a misspelling of Adderall, a pharmaceutical used to treat ADD and narcolepsy... but I doubt it :)

    That the original poster is fishing for topics the day before the first episode was to be posted reminds me of a saying; "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."
  19. Don't be a prick and joke about that i don't have it but my brother does.
  20. As my acting teacher would say "What is your Objective?" So far you don't have a script, you don't have an outline, and you don't know what your going to do. This will most likely crash and burn. Even people on youtube script their vlogs and have a outline of what they want to accomplish and do.

    Before you even try yelling at people for giving you advice, I would suggest you take a few acting or public speaking classes.

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