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  1. i am new to here and was looking for some help in routining some tricks I want to preform for an upcoming walkaround event I have ages range from teenagers-adults

    im going to list a bunch of tricks I have and hopfully someone can help routine some of them together so

    Card tricks:
    Mr. Stickman - Richard Sandars
    Here and there
    French Kiss - Wayne Houchin
    2 card Monte
    Twisting the aces
    Dr. Daelys last tric
    Write on time (an effect where I write the time on a random card then they sign a card and there card ends up having both time n signature)

    Stairway by Marcus Eddie
    ODD by Marcus Eddie
    Signed Bent coin trick
    Nesting wallets
    Burn notice - Chris Wiehl
    Omni deck
    TT mismade bill
    Mind reading with business cards
    Buissness card effect (by Jay sankey using out to lunch principal wher ur
    initials and there initials appear on one card after being dream on to separate ones)

    Packet tricks:
    8 card Brian Wave
    Colot Monte

    This is just a few of the tricks
    I have gotten great reactions with but I wanna preform with as little as possible and play big so I dnt had bulky pockets carrying this all around. So if someone can maybe come up with lik 2-3 routines with these tricks. I'd greatly appreciate it !
  2. What are your top ten favourites from that list? Which are your A list effects?
  3. I would have to say
    French kiss
    Write on time
    Omni Deck
    Signed bent coin
    Jay sankey business card effect
    Color Monte
    TT bill switch
    A mind reading trick with business cards
  4. I think you should:

    First start with the TT Bill Switch by saying "lemme show you a puzzle" and instead of switching bills do Sankey's travelling Expense.
    Then go to Color Monte, saying "here's a better puzzle!"

    Now let them examine Color Monte and do a few aces tricks (Daley, 2 Card Monte, Twisting the Aces etc.)

    End with French Kiss.

    However if it's walkaround, do something quick to grab attention like the TT Bill Switch, CMH, and a couple of aces packet tricks. Then end with something impossible.

    I am not sure with your business cards tricks and your omnideck routine - would you mind elaborating? Thanks!

    Hope this helps!
  5. I lik those ideas and travelling exspense seems pretty cool so might give it a try and the buinsess card and Omni deck tricks are

    One business card trick is they jus write a word or draw a picture and I mentally guess it
    The second BC trick ais n out to lunch principal where they sign a BC card n I sign another then both signatures appear on card they signed
    And Omni deck is just pretty much to end a card effect, have all cards disappear leaving a glass block in there hands
  6. Try to put similar tricks together - category, impact, difficulty, opener, closer etc.

    It really depends on your situation - table hopping or stage show? Close-up or parlour?
  7. It walkaround do u have any walk around routines u can share jus so I can get an idea?
  8. ACR, bill switch, sponge balls, coins across are among my favourites.

    Check out Gregory Wilson's materials if you want more :) especially on the spot for impromptu coin stuff
  9. You want two - three effects in a set (about 5-8 minutes all together)

    Each set (as mentioned above) should have some similar element that ties them together (those are good ideas too).
    Than can be tricks with similar props, or a story or theme that ties them all together.

    This is the part that takes some creativity on your part.

    I used to do Vanishing silk, a One Coin Routine, and sponge balls
    The idea was that I start off by saying I'll show them a trick with nothing (make silk appear)(*side note, I always use a 12 inch diamond cut silk. FAR more impressive than the 3 inch square it comes with. You can see my presentation of it here)
    I then start to vanish it, but part way I jokingly tell them it's going into a magical pocket in my hand. Then I finish putting it into my hand and it is gone.
    Then I make a comment that I can tell they don't believe me about the magical pocket (*another side note, this is all done with a sense of jesting - recognizing that none of us actually believe that, but every so often you get someone who looks like they actually believe you and I narrow on them for the rest - it's so funny). I make a coin appear, vanish and appear again, adding more coins until I have 4, then using Bobo's 4 coin stack vanish I make them all vanish at the same time, giving credit to the magical pocket in my hand.
    I then ask someone to hold out a hand, and say that everyone has a magical pocket, but you need to use magic to pull anything out (and I then make a spongeball appear on their hand) I do a standard spongeball routine, ending with all the balls vanishing. (last side note* by the end of all of this, everything ends up back in the same pocket that it came from, so I am reset for the next table)

    Currently one of my favorite routines is a coins across routine, Cointum Leap (which uses a card and a coin), and then finish with Jokers Wild. It has a nice progression of prop use.

    I'm not familiar with a bunch on your list, but an example might be color monte, then an ambitious card effect with the deck, and finish with omnideck. If you had a theme about scamming/cheating, it might really bring it together. (example: "I once saw this guy on the street doing this game with cards (monte), then I played some cards with a magician and he had a marked card (ambitious), after he took all my money, he said I could have a consolation prize, at least I got to take the cards home, but...(omnideck)")
  10. Just thinking about it, I wonder if people know any good books on this subject. Anyone?
  11. My best recommendation on routining would be to purchase Dan Harlan's Tarbell download which is a really good foundation on how to structure and play your magic to an audience. Definitely worth the price.
  12. Thanks I have a lot of Gregory wislons dvd so I'll check em out :)
  13. Thanks for the advice and I've seen you do the Appearing and disappearing silk on YouTube iTs really good the way you do it and funny i appreciate the help and I like The cheating/scamming theme :D
  14. Thanks I'll check it out

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