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Salvador Sufrate?

Jul 18, 2009
I was just on the ON Demand section of and I saw a new artist Salvador Sufrate. So I clicked on it and it showed me Cartier and The Cherry Control which now say Ricky Smith + Salvador Sufrate and David Jade + Salvador Sufrate. Is this a joke, who is Salvador Sufrate.


theory11 artist
Sep 1, 2007
Salvador Sufrate is a professional magician from Argentina who originally published the change in "The Magic of the La Plata Magic Center, Vol.2" in 2002. Later David Jade independently came up with the change and called it Cartier, which is what you see on our website.

In those same notes, Salvador published what we all know as the Cherry Control. Unfortunately for Ricky, these notes came out a year before Ricky re-discovered the move.

Jul 18, 2009
Odd how 1 magician already thought up the cherry control and didn't want to say anything about it 'till now. I mean it is a quite famous control and he must've known about it.
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