Saturday Night Contest 08.09.08 - One More Final Cut...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrei, Aug 9, 2008.

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    I know it's not the best quality. So for clarity:

    It's a cut that has one packet balanced on your elbow and in a ninja-like action you snatch it mid-air from your elbow.

    I know full well it won't win, but hey, I want those cards and any chance I get I'm taking. :p

    - Sean

    EDIT: CardSmith had the idea of balancing the deck on the elbow, I followed this with using it during a cut with another packet.
  2. is it alright if we show 2 moves of ours?
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  4. my dam computer is so gay. i recorded like 10 videos, all perfect, and then every time i start to edit it it shuts down and doesnt even save it. so i geuss im screwed.:mad::mad::mad::mad:
  5. Thanks man ^ :)
  6. it says 1 more final cut does that mean that this is the last time they will do this?
  7. Why wouldn't it?
  8. He didn't say we couldn't use two moves :/

    If not, I'm sorry


    P.S. Bao MSNed me about using two moves... So I'm assuming thats why hes wondering if it counts or not.
  9. Dude, when you said that you were considering quitting I thought you were gonna suck, but that was actually REALLY good.
  10. Grrrr my bro stole my tripod and no1 at home to film .....
  11. I don't flourish and I don't juggle so what do I do in this video....flourish and juggle! So yeah I don't flourish but I thought I would give this a shot and just do this for fun. It is called clownage because it encorporates juggling and a sign saying "I'm a clown". When you perform this cut you must wear the sign. I picture this as Daniel Madison flourishing if he was a clown.

    I realize that I did not make up the spring in the air at the end but I did make up the cut.
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