Saturday Night Contest - 30 Seconds of Change

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. i didnt know either ...
  2. When I said routine I meant the structure of all of the changes and how they flowed together. It was definitely a nice bonus to add to his video. It's that simple.
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    I was also under the impression that
    - in which case, (BRoop13's video) should not have won- it's simple as that. According to the rules, he did not execute the most color changes in 30 seconds. I counted 12 changes in his video, a few of which flashed a bit, while other members, myself included, had 60+.

    But I'm gonna be pretty pacifistic (is that a word? heh) here, and say that I can totally see where Casey is coming from. The thing is, I think, that these contests (which are awesome anyways, btw) can't be completely objective to their own rules. It just wouldn't work. He's a person too, and if there's a video that catches his eye (the winning video, it's good! The color changes are great!) then that's the one he'll probably pick. I think we all just need to understand that there has to be some bend in the rules each night in order for Casey to make a decision he really thinks is right.

    Lastly, I'm going to quote something someone commented on my video. Context: a few other comments were bashing me, complaining that I shouldn't win cause I wasn't doing real color changes and just sort of bashing in general. Doesn't really bother me. Well, this person, DNgui94, said this, and I think it's pretty pertinent to SNCs in general:

    He was speaking to me, but I think it applies to this situation pretty well.

    (DGZeya is my YouTube account name)

    So yeah...congrats to BRoop13 for his awesome video!
  4. bogus man lol, i just want to know what was wrong with my changes?
    by the way i had way more than him.
  5. even though i didnt win it was still fun doing this whole thing and i hope i win next time. :D
  6. Casey you said quantity not quality routine. You can't change the rules like that besides at 0:12 he flashes, this is wrong. Casey you really messed this up you weren't fair to anyone who entered the contest.
  7. He had a quantity that didn't flash all of the color changes like a lot I saw. It was a bonus. You get bonus points for being creative with what you can do for these types of contests. We've said that for a long time. A lot of people rushed and you could see exactly how the change was done. We were looking for cleanly executed color changes, it said so in the rules. You can't do 30 color changes in 30 seconds and win because you flashed tons of times. It stated in the rules you had to have passable technique without exposing. He did just that, while still having a decent quantity. He also had multiple color changes in which all were different. If you do that, have a decent quantity, have super passable technique, you obviously deserve the prize.

    Also, people can't fling cards off camera and call it a color change. It's a camera trick. It doesn't count. I know they did that to have fun, and that's absolutely okay, it's supposed to be all about fun here. We've given prizes away every Saturday for years, and we will continue doing that for a long time. We want members to have fun and come together to have a chance to win free prizes. It's hard being a judge for these contests, believe me. It was a lot of fun when I was able to compete a few years ago. I just want people to have fun doing what they do, and we judge videos/entries based on which we feel was the best one overall. This week, BRoop13 had the best overall video in our opinion, therefore he took home the prize. Next Saturday is going to be an all new contest, and another chance to take home some prizes. This contest has always been about fun, and we want to continue to see that happen.
  8. Couldn't agree anymore
  9. Hi guys, just to clear this up a bit more, the judging was decided ONLY based on how many color changes were completely executed. We defined "completely executed" to mean presented in a reasonably passable manner, with minimal flashes, in our discretion. How many different color changes were performed, or how well you routined your video - these were NOT factors that were considered.

    While other videos contained lots of changes, we believed that BRoop13's video deserved the win as he executed the MOST color changes without flashing, with complete execution.

    I am very sorry for any miscommunication or confusion as a result of my previous post, but I do stand by our winner selection 100%. Congrats to BRoop13 on the win, and thanks to everyone for participating in this event!
  10. Hey guys after looking through all the videos that are still up and taking into account the rules set by Theory11 I have come up with the following. I have listed the amount of color changes as well as the reason that they were disqualified.

    31 Sashacrespi
    3 fgab4
    9 batmanthemagicman
    14 Daniel Elleby
    themontemaster disqualified for editing
    25 CDXX
    junior3278 flashed
    jepstar flashed
    75 Crede flashed
    24 jecoa
    35 justin morris flashed
    13 Bryan Huang
    66 rob_tabris
    59 macto
    19 Grand Jackal
    28 PhilTheMagician flashed
    Heated Jeans flashed
    boswellmagic flashed
    dietjuice flashed
    17 Broop13 flashed
    30 Saad Khan

    While I believe Broop13 did a great job he clearly flashes at second 12 and unfortunatley that is grounds to be disqualified. Keeping to the rules set apart by Jonathan Bayme and Casey Rudd "The challenge is to see who can perform the most color changes in 30 seconds. It can be your choice - one specific color change over and over in 30 seconds, or multiple color changes - whatever you'd like (Revolver, Classic Color Change, then Gorilla, etc) in 30 seconds. The choice is yours!

    Technique must be passable in order to prevent exposure of the moves within your video. So don't rush too much!

    Judging will be based only on the number of color changes clearly, cleanly executed within the 30 second timespan. Good luck and may the fastest win!"

    I believe that Rob Tabris has performed the most cleanly executed color changes in 30 seconds regardless of routines or other hidden "bonus points". I counted 66 changes all of which could easily be pulled off in performance.

    Now Theory11 has already spoken and there has been a bit of drama over the winner. So, while it's not a deck of White Monarch I will be awarding Rob Tabris a free download of my effect on the Wire "Unbuttoned" as well as a soon to be released effect that I am selling through another magic publisher.

    Congratulations Rob!
  11. When it's over ???
  12. It ended this Saturday, there will be another one next Saturday though at 730 eastern standard time
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