Saturday Night Contest - 30 Seconds of Change

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. it looks like a magic exposure ... haha anyway , nice !
  2. im sorry but flicking cards off a deck is not a color change and it is certainly not magic....
  3. You sir get an high five from me for sheer genius I laughed out loud when I saw that! Great!
  4. thank you =)
  5. Haha, thanks man! I don't take credit, obviously; this is an old "prank" (for lack of a better word) that's been around for a long time. It sure was fun anyways :) Thanks for being positive about it too! Haters be hating, but y'know, haters gonna hate.
  6. First time entering a Saturday Night Contest. So exciting! :D Doubt I'll win but I've always wanted to do one and it's a great exercise in creativity nonetheless.
  7. If you can't tell it's a joke then you really need some meds.... :)
  8. got any advil? i have a headache
  9. Alright guys, time for the moment of truth!

    Thank you to everyone who entered tonight! It was awesome seeing all of guys go at it, and was fun to watch!

    The winners video fits all the criteria we were looking for. The technique had to be passable, as in there wasn't borderline exposure in the whole video. We picked this video because it showcased multiple color changes, that were performed very fast, and they were ALL different.

    Each change was executed very well. So with that said, give it up for BRoop13! Please submit a ticket to with your information and we will get your prize out to you ASAP!

    We hope everyone had fun with this one tonight. See you guys next week for another awesome contest, and another chance to win!

  10. Looks like he won because he showcased many different color changes. It was a great video but you guys (T11) should be more clear on what the criteria is going to be.
  11. Clean execution was in the contest rules so accordingly, we took that into account and believed the winning video in the end deserved the win. Nevertheless, amazing work and thank you to everyone who participated tonight!
  12. I agree In one of the comments they clearly states that the winner would be mostly based in the number not the style... I think they made us believe that the contest was going to be judged based on the amount of change, and these changes had to be "good" or "passable" change. I am not a sore loser, however I do believe that next time rules should be CLEAR...
  13. The rules were very clear. The post stated "Technique must be passable in order to prevent exposure of the moves within your video. So don't rush too much!". A lot of the videos had a lot of color changes in 30 seconds but they either flashed/accidentally exposed the moves. The winner's video didn't do any of that and it was multiple types of color changes. To do a routine like that in 30 seconds is definitely deserving of the prize.
  14. ouh , i didn't know doing a routine is definitely deserving of the prize ... my bad
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