Saturday Night Contest - 60 Seconds of Cardistry

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Why is my video so far the worst one. That makes me sad.
  2. My Entry

    Hope you like my entry, I love v4's so I know I'll love v5's!!!

    My Entry
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    here's mine, enjoy, i was going for mostly continuos shots, but i actually had to bail early the room got taken over.

    CLICK ME TRUST ME skip this and go to vimeo. youtube sucks

    better vimeo version CLICK ME


    on another note, Damn you Unknownmagician93. you are smoother than my brazilian wax...
  4. All sorted :)
  5. Is this a compliment;D
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    When I leave the house I have to decide which deck is going into my back pocket. Though I have hundreds of decks, the same deck is my favorite.... every single time.
  7. why yes yes it is.
  8. Byron- how can you waste a deck of V4's like that? I only have one, and cannot afford anymore. It was painful to watch!

    I love my only deck of V4's - it's such a smooth deck, and though I can only afford to buy one, and will not be able to afford any of the lovely V5's, just seeing the deck's beautiful artwork inspires me. I will never be able to get any V5s if I don't win - the stunted economy just hit my family way to hard. I wish all else good luck, too. I know the times are tough for everyone, and it is very generous of you guys (Casey, and theory11) to do this.

    Anyway, HERE is my entry. Watch in 480p for best results. I wish you all the best.

    (OH NO! I swear, when I rendered it, it said 1:00:09, but now YouTube rounded up to 1:01. I can upload the raw file if I am considered to be a winner, so that it shows the true time? Or maybe you can use a timer? Please still give me a chance...)

  9. It was painful to ruin them ... i would never do that normally !

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