Saturday Night Contest - 60 Seconds of Cardistry

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Ok guys! Time is up! Thanks to everyone who entered!
  2. Why thank you:{D

    What did you like about the vid? So i can get some feedback?
  3. Here's ours:

    We used Bicycles and WPT Bees. We tried to go with a "clock" theme (don't think it worked out too well.) The white balance is way off near the end but that's the best we could do :eek: Also, it isn't sped up.

    (Hope this isn't too late I posted it right when the time was up.)
  4. well i still love that move you came up with, the thumb pirouette. but overall its just smooth, fluid and your practice shines through. Dont ever compromise that smoothness for speed, i dont care what Tudor says thats sexy. I only wish we could get you a nicer camera as seeing that stuff in high resolution would be awesome.
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    EDIT: NVM they already picked the winner. Good Job!
  6. Thanks bro, means alot! Im definitely with you on the camera thing. Maybe I'll save a few paychecks and buy one after Christmas. I think it would be a whole new experince for myself, and you viewers:D
  7. Ok guys! Time for the results!

    Thanks again to everyone that entered tonight. You guys rock! But unfortunately, only one person can win the prize tonight. You guys showed what you were capable of, and for one lucky person it paid off well!

    First, let me announce the Honorable Mention. This video made the contest extremely hard to judge. TheCardician’s video, which you can view HERE, had mad skillz. Props goes to you my friend!

    Now for tonight’s winner. This video rose above the rest and displayed raw talent. The flourishes were unique, surprising, and most of all had good flow. I should also mention that the skillz are great too. So because of this, the person who walks home with the prize tonight is UnknownMagician93, whose submission can be viewed HERE. Thanks for participating, your practice has been paid off!

    Once again I can’t thank everyone enough for entering. Be back next Saturday for another awesome SNC!

  8. Heck YESSSSSSSS!!!! Woohoo! I'm psyched!

    Thanks for the win Casey! Great job everyone! Especially Nick;D

    Thanks again:)
  9. I think UnknownMagician93 should be banned in all future SNCs. Cause He ALWAYS wins! hahaha. I'm just kidding, man. Congratulations. :D
  10. good job man!
  11. Ya nice job. I guess I was a little late to the game.......
  12. My god i'm always late to the SNC hiaz...different time zone problem. need to stay alert next week!
  13. WHAT?!? Is it over already??
    And I'm here uploading my video right now..hoping that I could still have a little time to submit. :(
    Yeah, I hate this different time zone,it always confuses me. :mad:
    Well, I'm still gonna upload my video then,just for my personal video.
    Well done for UnknownMagician93.

    -Alex R.-
  14. +1

    [word count]
  15. Oh dont you worry I'll be back:D
  16. Imagine an SNC contest that doesn't involve Erdnase or flourishing..

    There's the perfect SNC. One which Dan can't possibly win :p

    Nah, just kidding. Nice video, some of those flourishes look real promising. Self-created, am I right?
  17. especially cause the only other contest I was wasnt Erdnase OR flourishing:p

    And no not all of them are mine. A few are though
  18. You plan on making tutorials? I must say, quite a few of them are the kind that fit my repertoire.

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