Saturday Night Contest - A Shuffled Chaos

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Top: nine of clubs
    bottom: nine of hearts
  2. Shin Lim

    top card: 4 of diamonds

    bottom card: king of spades
  3. Top: Ace of hearts
    bottom: two of hearts
  4. Hey there,
    Here are my answers
    top card- nine of clubs
    bottom card- 5 of spades
    Good luck to all and thanks!
  5. Top: 10S
    Bottom: 2S
  6. Top: 4 of clubs
    Bottom: Jack of Spades
  7. 6 of diamonds on the bottom...
    9 of hearts on the top...
    good luck guys!
  8. Alright guys!

    No one correctly guessed both cards, however, the first person to guess the first card was Fuzzmaster20, with his guess of the Jack of Hearts! The bottom card was the Queen of Spades. Please send me a PM with your theory11 store account email, along with your mailing address and name.

    Thanks for participating guys!
  9. oops too late
  10. Guess

    Jack hearts
    Ten spades
    5 diamonds

  11. I Hate the time zone difference
    i always miss SNC :|

    Top : ace of clubs
    Bottom : ace of diamonds
  12. Top: 10 of Hearts
    Bottom: 10 of Spades
  13. top card: Q of hearts
    Bottom card: J of clubs
  14. Games over boys.
  15. top:2 of Clubs
    bottom:Queen of Spades

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