Saturday Night Contest - All Wired Up!

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  1. Right you are :( I guess this contest won't be a landslide after all.
  2. There were a lot submitted in August. Be careful and read the rules so you don't get disqualified.
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    For sept 3rd: Card production and color change

    Ok, so evidently the submissions had to be done today(My bad). So I decided to record and put up three of my favorite color changes and a card production. THIS WAS FILMED AND EDITED TODAY[at a very fast rate]:) :

  4. Hey Im number 16 and this is my 16th post, i should win a prize for that, jk lol.
  5. I just thought I would mention to Shin and a few others that I think Casey wanted you to create the effect(s) today. Just mentioning it so that your guys amazing stuff does not get disqualified. "What you guys have to do is create ANY trick in ANY genre of magic - Cards, Coins, Stage, etc. Very simple. Like what was said before, we want you guys to get your creative juices flowing. Your effect that you create for tonight has to contain some original merit - we want the effect to be created by you specifically for this contest. You can even make an original gimmick for your effect! Gimmicked or impromptu, all varieties of entries are accepted for the contest. We're looking for die-hard creativity."
  6. [video][/video] here's mine
  7. shin lim EFFECT FOR THE 3RD SEPT

  8. For sept 3rd 2011: Color changes and production

    Here's my effect for the 3rd of September. It consist of different impromptu color changes done with a deck of cards and an impromptu card production :

    Shin Lim
  9. Oops I did not see the new vid. Sorry for any misunderstanding. I just wanted to mention that to some would accidently posted old vids and didnt create the material today. :)
  10. I would post something... But I found out about this pretty resently and I'm a man of quality.
  11. good luck to every one!
  12. Thanks Adam! It means a lot! :)

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