Saturday Night Contest : Anything But a Castle

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  1. Earlier this week, we ran across a feature on a popular architecture and design site showcasing a chair made from 350 decks of playing cards - truly a site to behold. Our contest tonight is inspired by this concept. Don't worry - you don't have to ruin 350 decks to participate!

    Your task tonight is to create an original, unique structure using nothing more than some ordinary playing cards, your choice of adhesive, and your imagination. The structure can be anything except a card castle (chair, table, bookshelf, etc.) - and can be composed of any configuration of playing cards that you'd like; the cards are not required to lay flat as seen in the aforementioned example. You may use as many decks as you'd like to build the structure.

    Once the item has been formed, take an image of it and post it as a response to this thread no later than 11:00pm EST for judging. The winner tonight will take home a six pack of playing cards - your choice. Good luck guys!
  2. im guessing my Single card bookmark and drink coaster aren't too impressive... guess i'll have to get creative
  3. does the structure have to be magic related? just making sure.
  4. There you go:

  5. thanks, forgot to read that.
  6. I can use glue ?
  7. Just to give credit where credit is due, we got the idea for tonight's contest from the incomparable Larry Fong, magic and photography extraordinaire. This should be a fun one!
  8. Yessir - you can use glue, tape, paperclips, safety pins, John Stamos, or Super Chef Bobby Flay. Whatever materials you need. The only rule is that the structure must be made of cards - like a card castle - but the structure must be anything but a castle.
  9. quick question, can the structure be flat? thanks guys.
  10. can the deck box be used?
  11. Plausible. The original idea was to create a 3D object of some sort - it could be a chair, a lamp, a dog, a robot, a dragon, a lifesize statue of Chris Kenner, etc. The sky is the limit. I'm sure that you could come up with plenty of unique, creative objects with playing cards that are flat, so I certainly wouldn't rule that out. Go for it.
  12. Sure - you can use as many decks as you'd like, in whole or in part, including the boxes or without. Your choice.
  13. thanks jb appreciate it
  14. I decided to make a card box. Which inspired me to work up in card boxy-ness and to ultimately make a giant card box.






  15. uhm eih jb can i cut up cards?? :)
  16. R.I.P For your Split Spade ;)
  17. I hear John Stamos' hair gel makes a great adhesive. Good luck everyone!
  18. is it ok if i post a video? i think it would better display what i constructed
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    This is my robot!

    This my entry it is and robot by the way and I thought of it because wall-e

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  20. Sure - photo's are preferred but a video would suffice.

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