Saturday Night Contest : Anything But a Castle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, May 22, 2010.

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  3. That would've been considerably more epic if you hadn't mispelled "Guardian".

  4. here's my entry, i originally had a box similar to nickerus, but decided i wanted to construct something a little different, and i wanted something i could use everyday. Searching for inspiration i came across a video of a "card wallet" to keep your cards safe. Inspiration struck. Hope you like it.

    click me

    the video showcases it best but here are some additional images

    ps. It is hard to film and display a wallet haha. I also really wanted to construct this out of bee's, stingers or some other interesting cards that would look more uniform but ended up doing it out of guardians cause i had a dying deck and because i wanted to use the T11 original. maybe i'll make some more

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  5. I was going to make a lifesized statue of Michael Ammar, but I didn't have enough blank cards for his head. So I made a chair instead. I did it fairly well, but I'm going to predict I won't win tonight. A little glib and dull of me, but I just am not feeling it. Oh well. Good luck everyone!


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  6. here's my entry

    to show my love for magic, cardistry and music...i present my cardtar...i used about i dunno how many cards LOL...uhm...i used bee cards, corona cards(some gasoline station cards that i had) and bicycle cards...adhesives used are sticky tape and double sided sticky tape :)
    i might improve on this design and add strings afterwards...i ust need to thicken the body and neck...weheee...



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  7. I am new to the forum {not magic just the forum} so how do you post a picture?
  8. Nice! Really awesome idea!

  9. thanks dude
  10. That carditar is so awesome,

    I have just given up along with the whole world :p

    Great job man!
  11. ahw...thanks a bunch :)
  12. Here is my Entry. It is an Anaconda eating a puppy.

  13. here we go

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  14. not sure if the picture attached. I can see it when I hit edit, but I don't see it on the forum.... (it's a card fan... get it? ha ha heh)

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  15. your both too late. sorry
  16. First and foremost, great job to all who participated! We enjoyed your entries immensely. In particular, we would like to extend honorable mentions to both dark11kenshin and Nickerus for your submissions. Really creative stuff.

    After much deliberation, however, the winner tonight is jrobarts05 for his card wallet HERE. Practical and unique.

    Thanks again to all who participated. See you next week! :)
  17. Called it.

  18. (T.T)

    well, ima try next time then...pretty fun though...LOL i loved the anaconda eating the puppy thing...cracked me up LOL

    thanks dudes...


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