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  1. Hey everyone! For this week's Saturday Night Contest, we wanted to do something fun that anyone can participate in. It will require some creativity, but everything you need to do this should be easily found around the house.

    We've done several "make a card castle" contests in the past, and some of your creations were AMAZING. Tonight's contest is totally different. Your challenge this evening is to make a structure out of playing cards, but there's one rule: it can't be a card castle.

    What does this mean? That's up to you. Think of it as pasteboard origami. You could make a dragon. You could make a tiger. You could make a funny face. You could make a sculpture of Chris Kenner. You could make a true-size iMac, entirely of cards. Whatever you make is up to you, but it can't be a castle. Be creative! You can use whatever adhesive you prefer, and any type of playing cards.

    You have until 11:00pm EST tonight to make your structure. Snap some pictures of your creation, and upload your pictures in response to THIS forum thread before the deadline. Be sure to tell us what your creation was supposed to be in your post, so we know what we're looking at. Winner takes home a fresh deck of White Centurions, shipped on the house!
  2. can we use materials like tape?
  3. Yep! Any adhesives (glue, tape, Daniel Garcia sweat) are absolutely fine to us!
  4. duck.jpg

    My duck. No glue or tape,nothing but cards. Both bridge and poker size.
  5. That was fast! Super creative! Keep 'em coming. I will name your duck Eduardo Happyfeet IV.
  6. Abstract Art:


    Signifies broken dreams, hard losses, wonderful things, and anything else you want it to signify.

  7. deffinetely good one
  8. Are they real? I think Im crying.

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    I'm going to redefine the definition of "Magic Square" tonight with this entry. Hope you like.

    I should point out a few things....

    This uses over 2,000 Magic the Gathering Playing cards of common, and uncommon rarity.

    This took over 4.5 hours to complete.

    This structure does not use any adhesive, glue, paper clips, staples, or other method of holding one card to the other. This structure is secured only by folding the cards, and interlocking them.

  10. hey jb can i use a paperclip to hold em together??
  11. 0.0 thats allot of cards william
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    And about 4.5 hours of my life that I'll never get back. ....Not that I'm complaining.
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  14. Tuche sir... Tuche.

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    Have a great night everyone, and have a great day, those who don't live in America.

    - Jenai
  17. Yeah... I swear they're real. It hurt to do it, trust me. But I think to the magic community, it is actually sort of artistic, no?

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