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    Thank you Nick for the idea of the box design. Craps anyone?
  2. Card FAn

    Summer is near...and here in the Philippines the summer gets hot so i wanted to make s omething that i would actually use... so here goes...

    if you look closely, i run a string down the middle of the full cards so that it would open just is retractable and held together by a bent paperclip in the base :) hope you guys like the idea...i plan on using it this summer time :) i'd be making another one using new cards to gift to a friend :)

    i call this the retracting Card fan...

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    Here's mine for Saturday Night Contest. I got a date toninght actually, but.... I m in hurry to make it for this contest (T.T)
    I Call it "An Alien Crab Try to Grab" .. Its trying to grab the DnD v5 deck. You know its sold out now on :p
    Hope you enjoy :)

    If the pict doesn't appear.. please grab it from my FB source album: Alien Crab Bicycle FB Source

    Thx for the comment and support you guys. Im Newbie in this forum .. :)
  4. David Blaine. Lincoln Center.

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  5. That is really nice! Definitely, my favorite one. May all the best luck in winning.
  6. Alright guys! Time for the results!

    Tonight's contest is one that I wish I could have participated in myself! Being an Art Major, this is something that is really close to home and would have been awesome to compete in. You guys are so lucky!!!

    Onto tonight's winner. This entry caught my eye the most as it was unique, creative, made specifically for this contest, and something I would gladly place on my desk and in my room. With that said, the White Centurion goes to Ristanto! Excellent work!

    There were other entries that stood out as well, and I'd like to commend Honorable Mentions out to these guys for putting up a great battle:

    Alambra Kadabra
    Brian L.

    Thanks to everyone that participated tonight. You guys rock! We will see you back next Saturday for another chance to win an awesome prize!
  7. Awesome submissions, guys! Loved these. Super creative. Brian L, I loved your DB scene, but according to our server timecode, it was 2 minutes past deadline, so we unfortunately were unable to consider. Still amazing, and I envy your imagination. Rock on!
  8. and the noob takes the gold! First post is a SNC winner.... You've set the bar high sir. I expect great works from you now!

    Well done everyone! Congratz Risanto
  9. Oh my god... Are you serious?? Thx god.... ^^
    guys.. youre awesome... unbelievble I won. here is my creation Ive uploaded to my FB account:

    My Lovely Alien crab on my Album
  10. Dang it. Was so close. Unfortunately had to resize the picture and host it so I can put it on the forum which took forever. But a loss is a loss. Congrats Ristanto. Awesome alien crab. Looks really cool :)
  11. congratz Ristanto :) well reminded me of a zoid or a boss monster from summon night :)...really fun...
  12. Thx man.. Im very-very happy for now on :D
    wew.. you won twice on SNC? great job dude... I Hope I will :D
  13. Nice job everyone.
    Thanks for the HM.

  14. I cant view yours is it up some where else?

    Congrates to the winner.


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