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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Dec 27, 2008.

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    Hi- Here's mine, although it isn't the best.
  2. Well here's mine, hope you guys like it!

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  3. // DAVID BLAINE ::

    : lead on canvas
    : then applied effects on Photoshop.
    : quote by David Blaine, "My only fear is the unknown"

    Here it is ::

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  4. Good luck to everyone!
  5. In response to everyone 'hating' on the fact that some people did photo edits, here is a 'drawn' submission.

    It's isn't hand drawn, but mouse drawn, and in about 3 minutes (hence why it doesn't look exactly like him!). I know it won't win, but I'd hate to have my only submission not be "done right" in "some people's eyes"...


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    My scanner was broken so I had to take an image. I'm short on time so I uploaded it to hope you don't mind and still review my image fairly. It has to be downloaded but there are no viruses.

    It's called Lord of the Cards. It's a spoof of Lord of the Rings. Those movies were a TRILOGY, hint hint. I renamed the movies and characters. This spoof is essentially a new set of movies... it showcases the two lords of cards, Dan & Dave Buck.

    Dan Buck is Dano Buccins is Frodo Baggins. He has Frodo's clothes and Dan's face. Dan Buck has an Ace of Spades in his pocket.
    Dave Buck is Daveolas is Legolas. It's a mix of everything.
    There's also Andrei (left middle, Aragorn) and DM (bottom left, Gandalf) as well as Chris K (Boromir), Katie (Pippin), JB (Sam Gamgee), and Dan Sperry (Gimli). The $20.11 = 20 = T, 11 = 11. T11.

    Enjoy! I'll edit this post later to make it a more comfortable format... ex. YouTube.
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    Here's my submission...

    For some reason it was the immediate thought that came to my mind...

    It's Mr. Hocking. :D

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  8. And we are done!
  9. grr, figures. this was my idea for a SNC and i worked until 10:30. ARGHH.. oh well, guys if your interested i'll be uploading some of my charicatures of the staff to this thread after the contest, cause i missed it. hope you enjoy them anyways. stay tuned.
  10. I thought this was a pretty interesting and funny contest, overall.
  11. Umm... Guys? Is it over? When's the winner announced?
  12. ^In about 8 minutes^
  13. Patience young padowan.
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    Much love. Drawn in windows messenger, with the help of Euggie.

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  15. This is definitely the best one. I especially love the Star of David.
  16. that is beatiful
  17. can i get some feed back on what you guys think of mine ( top of page) dan white in the pic looks weird because and the camera but i fixed it

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