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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Great submissions tonight by all. We reviewed all of the submissions, and had a great time looking at some of the funny ones. Sam, I am amazed that you drew me in such photographic realism. For a moment, I thought it was a photograph.

    Drumroll please... before we announce the winner, I'd like to note a special honorable mention to magicmaster, theoryGV, Matt_36433, Shanku, among many others (Sinful!). But we could only pick one winner tonight, and the prize goes to Bao Hoang for creativity and overall impact. Very nice work.

    Congrats to everyone who entered tonight, and if you're still working on your illustration even after the deadline tonight - post it anyways!
  2. Congrats, Bao Hoang!
  3. i have a lot of whit space so i am going to add on and post it later
  4. I take great pride in my work, I'm glad you are seeing the raw talent.
  5. Oh, well. I guess my portrayal of ol' Baymie wasn't enough to win me those cards. *Walks away muttering something about this being No Forum for Old Men*
  6. I knew he was going to win!
  7. Congratz! It was pretty sweet!
  8. Congratz Bao.:) Your entry was really a rofl.
  9. Yay Bao! Congrats! Montreal represent.

  10. Congrats. I'm jealous. ;)

    Anyway, required by law, you must choose the Split Spades as your prize. You must also then send them to me.

    Thanks for the mention Katie. :D

  11. Awesome drawing.
  12. im pretty sure i would have had a good chance of winning if this damn contest had been available at UK time...
  13. i thought steve simmons was the best

    maybe because the drawings actually looked like the people lol.
  14. Hey, I thought mine looked a lot like JB...

    Attached Files:

  15. Not to be rude, but did anybody even see my video? I looked on and it said that nobody downloaded it at the time of the contest last night. :(
  16. I could be wrong, but that looks just like you put a Photoshop filter on it and erased some of the not-so-non-photoshoppy parts.

  17. Thank you all and Happy New Year in advance!

    Got me 3 Smokes and 3 blue Split Spades :D


    6 Smokes
  18. Thanks man. Guess mine wasn't cool enough lol.

    Congrats to the winners!!
  19. i will be add katie and andrei to mine tonight or 2maro
  20. Thanks for the honourable mention Katie!Haha... I should have put more time into mine.I had to clean the fish tank :(...

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