Saturday Night Contest - Breaking a Record

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  1. Tonight's contest will go down in history. Perhaps. More specifically, it will break some records. To give you a bit of background, this was inspired by a contest we hosted a few months ago and a certain website called URDB (Universal Records Database).

    The purpose of that website is to chronicle a list of records, whether they be funny or serious. Right now on their home page, I see "longest straw used to drink a Coke" and "most paperclips unclipped in one minute."

    Your challenge tonight? Make or break a record. It has to be magic or cardistry related in some fashion, but whatever record you choose is entirely up to you. Some ideas? Most Charlier Cuts in a minute. Most Sybil Cuts in a minute. Most color changes in 30 seconds. Card spring with the most amount of cards at once. Card fan with the most amount of cards at once. Cardistry display with the most packets. Most passes in 90 seconds. The sky is the limit. Be creative. It doesn't have to be card related - and can be either magic or cardistry.

    Submissions must be recorded on video and labelled (described) as to what record you are making or breaking. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or and posted in response to THIS forum thread on or before 11:00pm EST tonight.

    Winner tonight will be whoever our judging panel is most impressed with. Be bold, be ambitious, and do something amazing. The prize tonight is a deck of extremely rare White Centurions shipped on the house.
  2. Dont worry guys I cant do any Werms on a treadmill this time, im injured lol
  3. sounds like it could be fun!
  4. Hi guys,

    This is my record with Fresh Scent from FIVE.I wanted to put this video up during the last SNC with the same challenge, however I ran out of time due to uploading overtime.So I was glad JB got this back up. So here's my shot on the record.

    The most tictac penetrations with a coin while blindfolded, balancing a Corona big notebook on the head and kneeling on the floor sprinkled with salt.Hope you guys enjoy...
  5. How are we supposed to know if we truly beat a record?
  6. It might not be a legitimate record - your challenge is just to give it your best shot.
  7. Can we submit more than 1 entry?
  8. Here's my submission:
    40 decks stacked one a time onto one hand in under 30 seconds. This feat is a combination of balance, strength, and speed.
    Good luck to everyone!
  9. when i was making the video i thought the video is a pretty descent looking at all the entries....All are awesome records...I dont think I now stand a chance of winnig lol
  10. That's what I think every time I enter. Trust me though, always enter if you have an idea, otherwise you'll feel like you could have won afterwards, it happens to me all the time.
  11. Here's my entry:

    I did 45 Erdnase One Handed Shifts in 1 minute while experiencing the most intense burn in my forearm. ;) This is not sped up!

    Good luck everybody!

    (The song is Wide Eyes by Local Natives.)

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