Saturday Night Contest - Breaking a Record

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  1. I had a very similar record to break, but it involves using more decks of cards :)
  2. excellent video..... but not fair to those people who live in countries where a regular bicycle deck costs 1000:p ......but yeah an excellent video

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  4. I'm not sure if this counts or not, because I didn't technically set the record tonight. But I've been wanting to show it off anyways. I have the world's largest collection of ducks drawn by famous magicians. I started this endeavor at TAOM2010, in the hopes to stand out from the rest of the fanboys asking for autographs. The ducks are
    (In order):

    Max Maven
    Daniel Garcia
    Jeff McBride
    Marcus Eddie
    Dave Buck
    Chad Long
    Dan Buck
    Jason England
    Bill Malone (My favorite duck.)
    Eric DeCamps
    Pop Haden
    Richard Garriot
    Jonathan Penndragon
    John Cornelius. (Sorry for poor quality.)
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  6. what did everyone think of my entry?
  7. actually youre ten mins late haha
  8. i cant wait for the results! good luck to everyone!
  9. Lol the video says it requires strength, but your arm is resting on the desk.......good one. ;)
  10. only my elbow not my hand. it does require strength to balance 64 decks of cards on your arm tho.
  11. These videos were super fun to watch! I loved them all! UnknownMagician, your spread was awesome and a bit like domino's. It reminded me of that OK GO music video where the chain of events happen one after another. demon5magic, your collection is clearly a record and unique - I love it. 08tennis, your flirtatious video was slick.

    All of them were great. One video in particular swept us (and the person who made it) off of our feet: thirdpersonlimited for his submission here. He performed a record number of Charlier Cuts - while hanging UPSIDE down. He takes home the gold tonight for thinking outside the box and up in the air.

    Congrats to everyone for participating this evening, and to thirdpersonlimited for the win. We'll have to do another one of these rounds soon to take things up a notch! Hope everyone has a great night and end to the weekend.
  12. Congrats third! Great job.
  13. thanks for the mention! Grats to the winner that was pretty slick;D
  14. Awesome!!! Thanks JB and T11!
  15. If you don't win............ I don't know what to say!!!
  16. HAHAHA That was awesome,

    Congrats to Thirdpersonlimited.

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