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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 1, 2007.

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    "Duct tape fixes everything!"

    "I hope the neighbors don't see us"

    "I am Haru the great white ninja and this is my brother Gobei"
  2. You guys are doing GREAT!!!

    Just remember a picture is worth 1000 words!!

  3. 1: I'll have what He's having.
  4. 2: D.G.: They have stolen my beanie. We must kill them.
    W.H.: (Silence, because he's a true ninja, like Snake Eyes)
  5. W:H- DANNY!!! you FRAUD!!!

    D.G.- Oh Wayne, don't be so INDECENT.

    W:H- sshhhhh... I'm trying to work here...

    D.G.- Ninja arts eh? you know there is a DVD you could buy to help with that...


    *mini ninjas
  6. Wayne: "This is for making us watch Open Water! Come on guys, let's get him while he's still asleep."

    Danny: ZZZZzzzzz......
  7. Number 2

    "Plotting to kidnap Katie"
  8. Never pick up a Minja!

    Edit: Disclaimer: So not an entry.
  9. #3: Wayne: You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'.
  10. Wayne: "Dude! Why did you steal my Hannah Montana CD! Give it back or I shall attack you with this rod thingy I got from K-Mart 20 minutes ago! Ninjas! Attack!!!!!!!"

    Ninja Minions:"Oh geez the boss farted! It smells like a deaf monkey singing in a pool of ice while eating peanut butter."

    Daniel: "You will never get back your CD! Although I do like the smell of that monkey.......mhmmmmmmm."
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    3:W.H.: Those who reveal the secrets of magic shall be met with force.
    D.G.:Deadly Force.
    W.H.:We've got two magic greats, an army of tiny ninjas, and one quarter of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    D.G.Youtube here we come. Vato Roll This! Byahhhh!

    (Should be a D not a Smilie, but I think it still works somehow)
  12. k heres my 3 submissions


    get it...cut this act short..their midgets and they have swords...hahaha?

    3. and my personal favorite.
  13. Entry One:
    DG: *gasps and looks away* "Wayne! Are you planning to kill this archer-ninja or are you just happy to see me?"

  14. Entry #2

    "Daniel Garcia (pictured) is now starring in his own Off-Off Broadway Musical 'Daniel Garcia-son and his 52 Ninja Assistants' Garcia says, 'I smell a Tony!' "
  15. entry #2

    *french accent* Danny - ...So monsieur Houchin, can I serve you our restaurant'es
    fiNEST, L'oulette la ninja'???
    Wayne - ....get any closer...and I will exterminate that french dish of
  16. [​IMG]

    Theres my submission.

    *Prays for victory*
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    DG: Thanks a lot wayne, It took me 3 HOURS to make these nunchuks and the T11 contest was NOT to dress up like a ninja.

    some "in-side-tip" you had, now i'll never get any wynns...
  18. phenomena, you copied my fart joke from my submission dude! thats not fair!
  19. Chris Kenner- Wayne. We have a mission for you. Kill Danny Garcia.
    Wayne- Why sir?
    Chris Kenner- Open Water was 2 hours of my life I'm not getting back.
    Wayne- I'm on it sir.
    Chris Kenner- And bring your minions. Including that one Turtle you crap out every now and then.
    Wayne- Yes sir.
    Chris Kenner- If you are lucky, you might catch Danny when he is thinking of Michell Stafiej's Contest submission.
    Wayne-Yes Sir.
    (The Attack)
  20. First submission, not funny but has MANY, many "hidden" things to it, so look hard at the capital lettered words and think Danny/Wayne:

    Danny, looking for a quiet place to sit down in the SH4DE, GREEDily hiding the BLUEPRINTS of how to make the NEXT Chris Kenner doll in a project dubbed the DANIEL GARCIA PROJECT suddenly noticed a STIGMATA in the shape of a LOOP appear on his arm and he suddenly lost CONTROL of his eyes forcing them to close as his mind went into was not the work of the FBI trying to find his TORN and FRAUDulent money...this could only be the work of an INDECENT and SINFUL warrior who has the power to THREAD a blanket of evil over Danny using his faithful teenage mutant ninja turtle.

    ^^Every single effect and lecture not I could find of Danny and Wayne...all 14 of 'em which is an UNREAL number<< make than 15 if you count the montage.

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