Saturday Night Contest - Capture The Moment

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  1. Time is up, and the results are in. AMAZING submissions this week! Some phenomenal skills at work - for magic, cardistry, and photography too. Choosing a winner was very difficult, as submissions were spread across a broad spectrums of styles and content, from magic to cardistry and serious to funny (and Spiderman!). The final decision for tonight's event was judged by Andrei Jikh.

    In the end, we went with one submission we believe most encapsulated the title of this contest: Capture the Moment. That submission was by nicoscholl - showing a real, raw moment of astonishment. For that reason, our top prize tonight goes to Nico.

    We wanted to extend an honorable mention to conjuringtricks for his great spring photo, chadsanborn for his balloon needle routine, stanleemichael, and EVERYONE else who participated this weekend. Truly outstanding. Congrats to Nico for the win, and stay tuned for another contest event next weekend!
  2. Loved looking through these guys. Awesome job and congrats Nico.
  3. Thank you for the honorable mention! And congrats to the winner along with my fellow honorable mention mates!
  4. Thanks for the honorable mention!
  5. Thanks for the first prize! Can't believe it :)
    Everybody had so great pictures, never thought that I'd win!

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