Saturday Night Contest - Cardistry Card Lottery

Apr 17, 2010
You sir, are an idiot. May I direct you to HeCtic's post?

Wow, someone is a little cynical, arent they? well, here's the story of this post. I see something on FB about how I can win a new deck of cards. So i follow the directions on FB, post a card name on this forum, and go to bed, hoping that I get it right. Note, that i dont give much of a crap as to what anyone else on the forum says, nor do i have time or desire to look around 15 pages of mostly stuff I really dont care about, just to see if someone said something about if I could post cards or not.

In addition, now that I have seen what HeCtic posted, I can see that you and he are far more of idiots, and should have read the directions yourself. The directions said, "At the end of that video, Andrei will raise and display the TOP card of the deck. Your challenge is to be the first to tell us what card that is." It did not give a time limit, only that we had to say the card presumably before the video was posted. The only thing about "11:00" was that that was the time that Jikh would record the video

Hopefully this will help you to know when to keep your mouth shut.
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