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  1. Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great weekend. This week's contest is inspired by Blake Vogt's upcoming effect, The Invisible Card. His effect is simple: you have your hand closed in a fist, and the spectator is given a series of choices: red or black (let's say red, for example), hearts or diamonds, high cards or low cards, etc. Eventually, 52 choices are narrowed down to just ONE. You slowly open your hand, revealing just one card: the card they selected. It's simple, it's powerful, and it's PRACTICAL - you'll be doing this on a daily basis.

    This week's contest is inspired by that plot. Earlier today, I asked Blake to place one random card in his left hand, and one random card in his right hand. He started with a shuffled deck, that may or may not have been missing a few cards. Your challenge this week: tell us which card he was holding in each hand. Your answers should be formatted like this:

    LEFT: Jack of Spades
    RIGHT: Queen of Hearts

    Limit TWO predictions per person. The winner this week will be the FIRST to get both cards correct. If no one accurately predicts both cards, then we'll choose a winner at random. This contest ends tomorrow, Sunday, at 7:30pm ET - so you have a full 24 hours to enter!

    What's up for grabs this week? A deck of rare White Gold Monarchs, and a pre-release copy of Blake's new effect, as soon as it's done and finished! Very excited about this effect and this contest - go for it.
  2. LEFT: 6 of diamonds
    RIGHT: king of hearts

    LEFT: 3 of clubs
    RIGHT: 9 of spades
  3. Left: Queen of Hearts
    Right: Jack of Spades

    Left: Eight of Diamonds
    Right: Three of Hearts
  4. LEFT: 7 of Clubs
    Right: Joker


    LEFT: 4 of Diamonds
    Right: Queen of Spades
  5. Left: 8 of hearts
    Right: ace of hearts

    Left: 2 of clubs
    Right: 10 of spades
  6. Right: queen of spades
    Left : 7 of Spades

    Right : 10 of clubs
    Left 5 of spades
  7. Left: Ace of Hearts
    Right: 2 of hearts

    Left: 6 of hearts
    Right: queen of clubs
  8. LEFT: Ace of Clubs
    RIGHT: 10 of Hearts

    LEFT: 3 of Diamonds
    RIGHT: 8 of Hearts
  9. Ah, another one of these random SNCs where your guess is as good as mine... Well here's what I guessed:

    Left: 8 of Clubs
    Right: Queen of Spades

    Left: 3 of Hearts
    Right: 5 of Clubs

    Good luck to the person that wins this!
  10. Left: King of Diamonds
    Right: 7 of Clubs

    Left: 3 of Diamonds
    Right: 10 of Diamonds
  11. Left: 6 of Diamonds
    Right: 4 of Clubs

    Left: 8 of Spades
    Right: Queen of Diamonds
  12. Left: 3 of Diamonds
    Right: Jack of Hearts

    Left: 8 of Clubs
    Right: 2 of Spades
  13. Left: 7 of Hearts
    Right: 10 of Diamonds

    Left: Queen of Spades
    Right: 8 of hearts
  14. Left:ace of hearts
    Right: queen of spades

    Left:Queen of diamonds
    Right: five of hearts
  15. Left: 2 of spades
    Right: Jack of diamonds

    Left: 8 of hearts
    Right: 5 of clubs
  16. Left: 3 of hearts
    Right: 7 of spades
  17. LEFT: 8 of diamonds
    RIGHT: 4 of hearts

    LEFT: 6 of spades
    RIGHT: queen of clubs
  18. Left: 8 of clubs
    Right: King of Hearts

    Left: Jack of Clubs
    Right: Seven of Diamonds
  19. LEFT: King of Hearts
    RIGHT: 3 of Diamonds

    LEFT: Ace of Spades
    RIGHT: Jack of Hearts
  20. LEFT: two of clubs
    RIGHT: four of clubs

    LEFT: nine of spades
    RIGHT: jack of hearts
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