Saturday Night Contest - Cards in Hands

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  1. LEFT: four of hearts
    RIGHT: queen of shades

    LEFT: six of clubs
    RIGHT: two of hearts
  2. I get what you mean, but someone needs to make this happen, a urban style queen with some shades. :p
  3. LEFT: Jack of Diamands
    RIGHT: King of Clubs

    LEFT: Jack of Hearts
    RIGHT: 2 of Hearts
  4. LEFT: 5 of clubs
    RIGHT: Ace of hearts

    LEFT: 6 of clubs
    RIGHT: 8 of diamonds
  5. LEFT: 4 of Hearts
    RIGHT: 6 of Hearts

    LEFT: 2 of Spades
    RIGHT: 6 of Clubs
  6. LEFT: Queen of Hearts
    RIGHT: four of Hearts

    LEFT: Ace of Diamonds
    RIGHT: Nine of Clubs
  7. L: 5 of diamonds
    R: Q of clubs

    L: 3 of hearts
    R: 8 of clubs
  8. LEFT: 9 of spades
    RIGHT: jack of diamonds

    LEFT: king of hearts
    RIGHT: 2 of clubs
  9. Left: jack of clubs
    Right: two of spades.

    Left:four of diamonds
    right : four of clubs
  10. LEFT: Seven of diamonds
    RIGHT: Ten of clubs

    LEFT: Three of spades
    RIGHT: Five of hearts
  11. LEFT: Three of Diamonds
    RIGHT: Three of Hearts

    LEFT: Three of Clubs
    RIGHT: Three of Spades
  12. LEFT : Five of Diamonds
    RIGHT : Three of Clubs

    LEFT : Jack of Clubs
    RIGHT : Queen of Hearts
  13. Left : 8 of spades
    Right : jack of diamonds

    Left : 2 of clubs
    Right : 6 of hearts
  14. Left: 3 of Spades
    Right: Ace of Spades

    Left: King of Hearts
    Right: 5 of Spades
  15. Left: jack of hearts
    Right: 3 of spades

    Left: ace of clubs
    Right : 8 of diamonds
  16. Left: queen of spades
    Right: 8 of hearts

    Left: 7 of hearts
    Right: ace of clubs
  17. LEFT: 3 of hearts
    RIGHT: jack of clubs

    LEFT: 7 of spades
    RIGHT: queen of hearts
  18. LEFT: two of hearts
    RIGHT: King of spades

    LEFT: eight of spades
    RIGHT: Ace of hearts
  19. LEFT: Two of Clubs
    RIGHT: Nine of Diamonds

    LEFT: Eight of Diamonds
    RIGHT: Two of Hearts
  20. LEFT: 3 of diamonds
    RIGHT: queen of hearts

    LEFT: 8 of spades
    RIGHT: 2 of hearts
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