Saturday Night Contest - Cards in Hands

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  1. LEFT: 10 of clubs
    RIGHT: 4 of spades

    Jack of spades
    RIGHT: 8 of diamonds
  2. Left hand: king of diamonds
    Right hand: 3 of spades

    Left hand: 4 of clubs
    Right hand: queen of hearts
  3. LEFT: 2 of Hearts
    RIGHT: 7 of Diamonds

    4 of Clubs
    RIGHT: 8 of Spades
  4. Left: Jack of Diamonds
    Right: 2 of Spades

    Left: 5 of diamonds
    Right: queen of clubs
  5. LEFT: 4 of Diamonds
    RIGHT: Jack of Clubs

    LEFT: 9 of Clubs
    RIGHT: 8 of Spades
  6. LEFT: 10 of Diamonds
    RIGHT: 5 of Diamonds

    LEFT: King of Clubs
    RIGHT: 6 of Clubs
  7. LEFT: Ace of Hearts
    RIGHT: 8 of Diamonds

    LEFT: 9 of Spades
    RIGHT: Ace of Diamonds
  8. LEFT: 8 of Spades
    RIGHT: 3 of clubs
    LEFT: Joker
    RIGHT: King of Diamonds
  9. LEFT: 10 of diamonds
    RIGHT: Queen of hearts

    LEFT: 4 of clubs
    RIGHT: Ace of spades
  10. LEFT: 9 of Hearts
    RIGHT: Ace of Clubs

    LEFT: 2 of Diamonds
    RIGHT: 5 of Clubs
  11. Left: 2 of Spades
    Right: Jack of Diamonds

    Left: 8 of Hearts
    Right: 5 of Clubs
  12. LEFT: six of hearts
    RIGHT: king of spades

    LEFT: three of clubs
    RIGHT: queen of hearts
  13. LEFT: seven of hearts
    RIGHT : jack of spades

    LEFT: ace of clubs
    RIGHT: six of clubs
  14. l: jack of spades
    r: 10 of clubs

    l:8 of harts
    r: 7 of clubs
  15. LEFT: King of Diamonds
    RIGHT: Nine of Hearts

    LEFT: Four of Clubs
    RIGHT: Two of Spades
  16. LEFT: Jack of Clubs
    Right: 2 of Hearts

    LEFT: 9 of Hearts
    RIGHT: 3 of Spades
  17. Alright guys, time for the results! No one got it absolutely correct, but we did indeed have someone who came really, really close. That person is Darianb99! Congrats! Please contact our support team to claim your prize.

    You can see video of the results right here, straight from Blake himself:

    Thanks to everyone for entering! See you guys later this Saturday for a new contest!
  18. Congrats to the winner and THANK YOU to Blake for making a video with the results at Disneyland!
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  19. Good Job Darian! Tell us how the trick is.
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