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  1. Alright's time for results! No this is not a drill, these are the actual results. We even had guest judge Dan White help us with our decision, so we want you guys to know how incredible your entries were. We always talk about quality over quantity, and while we did get a great quantity of submissions, the quality was also extremely high. Super impressed with everyone's effort this weekend. Sadly, there can only be one winner. So let's get right into it.

    There was a top selection of videos that did have us fooled in certain parts. So we had to look at the surprise element in the effect, the lasting impact/memorability, and the execution of the performance. It was a long decision-making process, but we feel that edohuang1989 is the winner of this week's prize. Congrats Edo! The ending punched us right in the face, and the performance was ultra-smooth. Please send our support team your details to claim your prize.

    We would also like to hand out honorable mentions to marcopaso and frozono9 for coming extremely close this week with their fantastic entries, and to everyone else for providing quality magic. You guys seriously impressed us this weekend, and we're not sure how high the bar is at this point because it just keeps going up. A job most certainly well done to each and every one of you. We're speechless.

    See you guys on Saturday for a new contest!
  2. Congrats Edo!
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  3. Congrats Edo
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  4. Congratulations edohuang1989!! Good job everyone else!!!
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  5. Congrats Edo and congrats to the honorable mentions! Just getting an honorable mention in this contest should be considered a victory with how close it was. :D
  6. I agree! good job everyone!

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