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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Wow, words can't even describe how amazed we are with the entries this week. This is a very tough one to judge! We are going to sleep on it and come to a decision tomorrow as this one is incredibly close.

    See you guys tomorrow with the results!
  2. Sorry guys, just realized Instagram cut the video width wise. The text says: "No loops, threads or strings, and all cards can be examined."
  4. Uh oh, this is freaking me out.
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  6. there sure will be a lot of honorable mentions in this one
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  7. Whatever happens I saw a lot of great entries, so great job everyone.
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  8. Does anyone know what time we will know the winner?
  9. Could be soon or it could be awhile. Everyone put out some interesting videos so its hard to judge. We once waited nearly a month for the winner. I doubt it'll be that long this time around though ;)
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  10. Those were dark days... :D
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  11. Wait a minute..... or a month. But seriously, how did that happen?
  12. It was for a Roundtable. The podcast was delayed so they also postponed announcing a winner.
  13. I remember that. I thought it was around two weeks. I could be wrong. It was a pretty long amount of time for results to get posted on that one.

    Aside from special circumstances. The longest I have seen a regular SNC decision go was 48 hours after the Sunday night deadline.

    Also. Every time this thread comes to the top of the forum. I think Casey posted results.

    As of right now, I am grumbling with crossed arms.
  14. I'm pretty sure it was close to a month. I was holding my breath the entire time so its possible I blacked out and hallucinated it being longer.

    And yeah the 48 mark tends to be longest judging time.

    And I can appreciate how annoying that is so I won't post anymore until the results. I'm sure the people who mark the threads must be as annoyed so to those I say, I'm sorry :p
  15. And now I'm posting.

    And now I'm the bad guy.

    I'm not the villain this forum deserves. But the one it's needs right now.
  16. Hey guys, terribly sorry for the long wait, but when I said this was tough, that wasn't an understatement. We're bringing in a guest judge for this one. You guys killed it this week, but fortunately the wait shouldn't be too much longer. Depending on when I hear back from the guest judge, it could be later tonight or tomorrow. Once again, apologies for the delay but this one is seriously neck and neck. We want to make sure we get it right!

    And Brett, for right now this post makes me the villain this forum thread needs right now. I clear you and everyone else of villain duties!
  17. God, I love this forum.
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  19. since my youtube video was a "listed" video, its number of views have not changed since yesterday, so I am assuming the judges didnt have to watch it a couple of times to decide so means that I'm not in the running :p you guys too can have a bit of idea if your video is in the running or not
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