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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Really tough to come up with a card trick that's a magician fooler
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  2. I take it that it doesn't have to be an original? or does it?

  3. Here's my entry. Good luck everyone!
  4. A few mistakes (that second choice of card, lol and unnecessary 'creating mystery' while changing to blank deck) and no pattern (couldn't do today :( ), but for me - it can be a fooler (of course with pattern it'd be more surprising). Here it is:
  5. my Entry

    "the other perspective"
  6. Here's my entry from an effect I use in my own working repertoire at a special needs camp. Hope you enjoy and good luck to all involved!
  7. Hi guys here is my entry, u can use any deck any time. Good luck to all the other entries :D

  8. My version of the triumph. No gimmicked cards, prep takes 1 minute max and there is absolutely no force.

  9. hey
    this is my entry
    it will always work
    no gimmicks normal cards
    on of the decks to get the card
    and the other is always for spelling
    i did this online here
    but i can do it with any one any where
    i will try to publish this trick in theory11 soon
    here it is

    hope you like it
  10. Card prediction for make benefit of glorious Theory11 forums.

  11. Too funny!! Good Job Brett.
  12. Got color change idea
  13. Hey guys,
    Thats my color monte routine
    I love monte routines and this one is very deceptive
    I tried to add some extra movements to missdirect you guys from the method used,
    I don't know if it worked but made it look more messy haha, hope you enjoy

    Good Luck!
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