Saturday Night Contest - Control The Aces

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Last night we posted a new instant download from the mind and hands of Jason England on riffle stacking. We don't expect you to have mastered riffle stacking in the 24 hours since, but tonight's challenge is about control.

    The challenge tonight is to demonstrate control of the aces. This can be by way of shuffles, passes, cuts, or any other means. You must start with four aces on TOP of the deck - and show them clearly. Thereafter, you can do whatever you wish to make it look like the cards are mixed. At the end of your video, you must once again produce the four aces. The more convincing your controls are, the better.

    You are free to demonstrate whatever you wish within your video - whether that is cardistry with false cuts, gambling moves with false shuffles, or a combination of the two. The entire pack does NOT have to be in it's original order, but the top four cards do - those four aces. This contest is open to enthusiasts of magic AND cardistry, so we hope that you use your mind and skills to take home the prize.

    Videos must be posted in response to THIS forum thread on or before 11:00pm EST tonight. Winner tonight (as determined by our judges) will take home a 6 pack of Sentinels, shipped on the house.
  2. Interesting contest idea.
  3. Oh... I didn't know that =[ I'm still a bit new... darnit
  4. No worries man, although I did enjoy the video!
  5. Thanks! Too bad I uploaded it on Monday...
  6. so you want the aces on top? or can they be stacked to a specific location? like in to the fourth hand. or something
  7. Guess I better go film another one now!
  8. Preferably they would start on top, but as long as you show the aces at the beginning and ending with some controls in between, it's fair game.
  9. sorry i wasn't very clear, i meant ending. could they start on top and end in a specific location?
  10. Some might disagree but I liked the cheez it aspect. Haha. The controls were good too. It might have partially been the quality but I didn't catch all of it.
  11. I just reshot it... should be up in 15 ish min
  12. Here it is!

    Since I couldnt film this live (no one was home) and I didn't have a deck to borrow from someone, I grabbed the first unopened deck I could find. Its a bit sloppier than how I normally perform this routine, but I only had one take (You'll see why in a moment)

  13. Sure - that would be fine. As long as you control the location of them until the very end (and prove it), that would absolutely be okay.
  14. I am intrigued. Thanks Marlo!
  15. This was post about an hour ago.i still have time right.i am in i am not sure what is the day in us.and saturday night like the info in up in the morning than at night you will pick right.because i went to time zone converter.and it says 19 September 2010 9.36am

  16. You still have until 11:00 A.M. on Singapore Time.

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