Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!

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    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 23, 2012 I created second move special for this contest . The arhive is a very attractive thing , good job t11 :) !!
  2. Holy moly, so many great submissions, I think we're REALLY going to have a tough time making the call on this one. This is by far the most interesting SNC I've had to judge yet!

    Small note for those who haven't entered or for people who want to resubmit more ideas - make sure that your move stands out. Most of the submissions we see are great! They're smooth, visual, pretty, spinny and crazy; however, that makes it very difficult to judge when you're looking through quite a bit of them. Being different really helps for contests like these but alone isn't enough to win, execution counts too. Good luck and keep 'em coming!
  3. [video=youtube;mqs8sdRttoo][/video]
  4. Me and my family are so excited right now my first SNC entry!
  5. [video=youtube;i5FOZY6bVCI][/video]

    I know I'm not that good, but I hope you like it and I'm sorry for the grainy picture I don't know what happened :p
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    Small spoiler alert for right after the first performance, just for those who didn't see The Avengers yet and who still want to see it (shame on you for being so bloody late though ;)).

    May it be clear that as much as I am a magician, I'm not a flourisher by any means. I have never learned any, only created quite a bunch. For that, I figured it'd be nice to show the exact things it was based on and adjusted to. Hope y'all like it!
  7. My entry
    sorry for the bad quality.


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