Saturday Night Contest - Create A Flourish!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Here's my entry

    All the best guys :)
  2. Ever heard of coin roll ?
    CARD ROLL !! xD
    a new method in flourishing i guess
    i think this kind of move will have many development in future
  3. My entry:

    Some great ones thus far, good luck everybody!

    || Steven
  4. Heads up, it's set to Private and can't be viewed. Make sure to change it to Public or Unlisted so yours can be judged!

    || Steven
  5. Ok. My turn.
    The name of this "strange flourish" is OPS.
    Hope you like the idea!

  6. Thanks a lot Steven :), didn't notice that.
  7. You're most welcome, good luck!

    || Steven
  8. My entry
    Move name: Sprite

  9. My first experience in creating somethin' :) i am sure, that i wont win, but its interesting to challenge urself to do stuff u never did before, like flourishing :D

    Good luck everyone!

  10. I wouldn't be hard on yourself. The SNCs aren't exactly the easiest things to win. And sometimes you do your best and a dark horse wins. Just do what you can and let it fly.
  11. I fully agree with you :)

    "The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination"
  12. My humble entry. I predict Alvin for the win––he always wins these haha.

  13. Well said!
  14. Here is a quick flourish from a couple angles:


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