Saturday Night Contest - Create a Trailer!

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  1. thanks , i have competition like magicstripes
  2. my video is rendering right as we speak lol XD
  3. But i dont have any cards that Theory 11 produces??
  4. hey 52remastered really nice done , so this contest , have great skills
  5. Where did you learn the deck twirl and opener at the beginning?? Awesome video btw Double thumbs up :)
  6. Thanks man just type spinning deck opener in YouTube it will come up lol
  7. Thanks can wait for the results good luck to all that enter :)
  8. Rendering is taking forever
  9. Can the video showcase cards like bicycle and tally-ho, or do they have to be made by theory11?
  10. Alot people did tally-ho so yes you probably can..
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    Hey guys! Here is my entry. I put quite a bit of work into this one. The timelapses are from a 10-18 minute span. HD will be available soon, so watch it when you can in HD! First HD ONE: WATCH THIS ONE, and in HD

    Update: Since the results aren't up yet, I received criticism for my use of color correction in my first 2 versions above. I still have my 2 videos above with their links so I can't automatically be disqualified, but if theory11 approves, I prefer you watch this newer version. I believe it's much more cinematic, and the color correction is not as intense. It's not like a new video. I just tweaked the color correction. THANK YOU!

    Here it is:

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